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Maps? Crafty.


There’s more to maps than getting from A to B. There’s art, craft, and something to do at the weekends: Paper-cut map of Brooklyn: Quilted maps, custom made from Haptic Lab Cross stitch tube map, by Meg Pickard Felted tube map by feltfinland  

I have a habit of making monkeys, I must admit. There is a reason for this actually, I like to pretend it’s SCIENCE. It’s not, really – but I am experimenting. I’ve only been making stuff for about a year or so, and as you’ve hopefully gathered by now I make stuff occasionally – not […]

I just spotted these felted acorns over on etsy, as Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits mentioned them on her blog. They’re so lovely! I love that the caps are real – there’s something really great about a real acorn cap. I keep meaning look into felting – and to make an acorn from this pattern. […]

I’m a tatter. I tat. I do tatting. It’s nothing like tattooing. I’ll write more about it another time but for now, just think of it like ‘sturdy lace’. With this in mind, when I see lace-like things, I can’t help but use them as inspiration for future tatted projects. (You know, those kind of […]

There’s something really wonderful about good, well thought out, ‘public art’. Not just art there for the public to look at – but for the public to get involved in. One of my tutors way back in foundation was involved in a lot of public art projects in Sussex and her enthusiasm was infectious. She’d […]

This monkey is turning out bigger than he was supposed to be: He’s made of cotton – which I decided I really like to crochet with, after making this cupcake. (The case is made of cotton, the cake itself is wool / acrylic) I made this wee chap all in cotton to see what it […]



I never used to understand how people could have UFOs knocking around the house. For the uninitiated, UFO means ‘unfinished object’. I thought, ‘well, if you’ve started it, why don’t you just finish it?’. Seemed a bit weird to have something on the go and then leave it for something else. At the moment I […]