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‘Sit there nicely for a sec’, I said. ‘You know, as a size comparison! So people can see the difference between thin crochet cotton I’ve used before and this nice new Rowan Sienna cotton’. At any point, did I say ‘Stick the flower I just made so lovingly, on yer head! Make like it’s a hat!’ […]

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(Also known as ‘Look what I found while I was procrastinating). A Christmas wreath, made of crocheted balls! It must’ve taken forever, but is really lovely. And from the same blog – these lovely chunky doilies. These are great – even I, with my love of making doilies but my ‘not quite sure what I’ll […]

I really meant to make some bunting to give as a gift for Christmas. As it happened I was pipped to the post (in the nick of time) as someone else let on that they’d made some for the exact same person I was going to make some for. So I stopped before I’d even […]

I’m still working out what it is I like doing best, or what I’m actually best at (which might end up being two different things). So far I’ve done • a bit of counted threadwork: a tapestry cushion, which turned out really nicely actually, although being sewing machine phobic, my mother did have to help […]

To continue my slightly odd obsession with lace making for another post, recently I looked up lace making courses in my area. I’m not sure why, as I’ve mentioned previously, lace making with bobbins isn’t something I think I have the time (or space) to do. Really I think I was just wondering what kind […]

After making lots of odds and ends of tatting this year, while I practised things like split rings and mock rings, xmas has given me the excuse to finally make a few things from start to finish. Tatting is easy to slip in an envelope with a card, and snowflake patterns exist in abundance. They […]