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How come almost every tatter on t’internet uses blogger? Maybe this is why I’m still a bit rubbish? /ponders PS – some nice tatting blogs, to prove my point – it’s like a conspiracy!

I read a piece on Make and Meaning a little while ago, talking about crafters making things because they enjoy the process, or making things because they want the product. It’s popped into my head quite a bit since I read it, and I have to say, with crochet it’s probably 50/50 – I like […]

Little ‘un


So, after the complete joy of finishing elephant number one (who, weirdly, is much loved but still nameless) I decided I should make another one. You know, just to see if the first one was a fluke, and to indulge my odd habit of making the same thing in different thread for no apparent reason. […]

Like this wee lady for example: Honestly! If she wasn’t snuffling at the camera, the camera was misbehaving in low light. I swear I’d post a lot more if I could just get a decent photo of some of the things I’d been doing. Anyway – a baby mousiephant. More when I’ve got a better […]