Some things are so hard to photograph


Like this wee lady for example:

Honestly! If she wasn’t snuffling at the camera, the camera was misbehaving in low light. I swear I’d post a lot more if I could just get a decent photo of some of the things I’d been doing. Anyway – a baby mousiephant. More when I’ve got a better shot!


5 Responses to “Some things are so hard to photograph”

  1. 1 M

    The exif on your image says that you had an aperture of 2.8 and you won’t get much in focus with that, not with a big ol’ snout anyway. Do you have a tripod? If you do then you could use a smaller aperture and the low light won’t matter, if not then maybe you could try balancing your camera on something for example a book. Also, when you press the button on your camera try to leave it pressed in till the image is taken rather than a quick press/release, I find that helps me because although the movement is only small it can make a big difference.

    • I do have a tripod – and I should actually use it. But my camera really does hate low light – it’s incredibly noisey. I did take this one as a depth of field shot on purpose, and as such, I don’t mind it. There is something about this toy that is hard to shoot though – if you focus too much on her nose it looks a bit weird, and if you don’t have something else in the shot, it’s hard to work out how big she is. She’s actually really small – which you can sort of tell here, as she’s next to a daffodil head…
      I’ll give it a go tomorrow, if there’s some sunshine before I start work.
      Thanks for the help!

      • 3 M

        Your amigurumi family is very cute. Can I ask, what do you do with them when complete?

      • Ah. Well. Usually i give them away. Sometimes it’s obvious who I’m making them for when i start, other times it become apparent as I get going. The red monkey is just hangin’ out here at the moment, because he was a bit of a problem child, and I can’t decide what I should do with him. At the moment I’m hanging on to the elephants because I literally can’t believe how well they turned out, but we’ll see. I’m making another one at the moment as a friend asked me to. On the whole though, I give them away. If i sold them they’d be about a million quid each as I take so long 🙂

      • 5 M

        And well worth every penny.

        I’ve only ever properly completed one pattern and that was a hippo. It’s amazing how popular it was when people at work saw it.

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