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Today was a bit of a wash out  – I couldn’t face reading a pattern (aforementioned pain in shoulder) and so thought I’d just make some stuff up. I’ve wanted to try tatting around a ring for a while, found a tutorial on Jane Eborall’s site picked up some spare thread, and gave it a […]



I finished this wee lady earlier this week. Or at least I finished sewing her together. Today I’ve just been hunting for scarf ribbon in the collection I seem to’ve acquired over the past few years. I was going to make a shawl, but I don’t really have any yarn the right colour – lots […]

We shall see. While I was tatting the motif in the previous post, I decided I should really finish stuff off properly; block it and tidy up the ends. There’s two reasons really – 1) it would give me a proper sense of achievement when I’d finished and 2) I wouldn’t end up with a […]

I was hoping to get home in daylight to photograph these, but no such luck! So a speedy shot for now of two versions of a Mary Konior pattern – one blocked of course, and the other not. The blocked one was started in a pub and finished on a train. The unblocked one was […]



In a rush! (About to go out), and very tired. I stayed up far too late working on this. It’s for a friend’s daughter – actually, he asked for a Little ‘un but his daughter is very young, and the small ones are a bit fragile – I wasn’t sure she’d last that long. This […]