Tatting in two colours

After getting my new thread haul the othe week, I’ve been itching to try tatting in two colours. Nothing dramatic, but I just thought slight tonal variations would be good. The downside of buying online is that you can never be *that* sure of the colours you’re buying, but I think the ones I got are working together ok…Blue and green options

The blues are very close to eachother – but in a nice way actually. When you see them in real life, they’re really delicate. The greens are a bit further apart, but they still seem ok – and as you can see, I’ve had yet *another* go at the Mary Konior pattern. I had a longer uninterrupted train journey this week, so it was a chance to try it out again. I’m back to onion rings again and I think it does look neater.

Onion ring

Also, I think the pic at the top shows the back, rather than the front. As it happens, this was just a test to see how it went, so I didn’t wind on much thread. I’ll start again on a real one soon. I keep thinking the second ring could use a few picots to keep itself in place actually. I’m really tempted to try again and add some in… or is that just getting ridiculous?

In the meantime, I’ve been trying out an afghan pattern. I’ve been looking for one to make for ages, and I must admit, there’s something really lovely about this pattern – or is it the colours? The colours are really lovely.

I tried out one square with colours I had knocking about – you’ll recognise the grey from the elephants, maybe.

Crochet & tatting

It’s so weird to work with such chunky wool after the size 80 thread. But the square is so cute in real life! I should think it makes one hell of a warm blanket – it’s really chunky, but so soft and puffy! It’s like a crochet marshmallow. I have a vague feeling I might be 90 by the time I start and finish it as an afghan, but I am tempted… Time to go yarn shopping? Maybe.

Oh! And talking of elephants, one of them has err… flown the nest (you know how well elephants fly!) and reached her destination…

Happy Elephant

(I mentioned to the recipients mum that I’m on hand for repairs when needed ;o)

A big fat, annoyed, tatted sigh.

I’d really enjoyed working on ¬†this. Took me four attempts to actually get it started, and although it was’t looking *amazing* it was at least getting finished.

Until the very last day.

All messed up.

No seat on the train, so standing up in the isle I thought, ‘well, there’s only a bit left, I might aswell finish it’. In the squeeze, in the rush, I joined two wrong rings and now it needs unpicking (unlikely to work, the thread is size 100, so I don’t fancy its chances) or a bit chopping out. It’s really not worth it. It’s not neatly done, and so I didn’t have great plans for it, I just really wanted to finish it.

Never mind. Better luck next time I guess.

I think actually onion rings did look neater, when I do remake this (I still think I will) I might switch back again. Has anyone else made this pattern, incidentally? It’s Mary Konior, Ring a Ring O’ Roses.

New thread!

My little thread stash has arrived already from¬†Buttercup Miniatures. I must admit, that’s pretty speedy, I ordered it on monday night and they’d posted it by Tuesday morning. This is the first time I’ve bought anything from them (found via google) and I already want to buy some more.

New thread

Here’s my little stash, modelled by an elephant duet. The elephant on the left is going to a new home next week, and she’s most excited. (I *love* making things for people. I’m already excited at the thought of packaging her up. I hope her new owner(s) like her).

Anyway. I was right. The thread I liked for tatting but lost the info for was size 80. I think size 100 is ok, but it’s a bit fiddly to close rings and keep them neat and tidy, so I think carrying on with 80 is good for now. I’m going to make a few little things to send to people, and then something bigger… Although I’m so close to finishing this now, I’m tempted to make another one in two colours… we’ll see. I’d like to prove to myself that I can make a nice neat version. I do know that one’s a bit messy.

Comfy craft

I admit it. I am the *queen* of comfort clothing. Even though I don’t have to dress up for work, I still have to get changed the second I walk home through the door. Most of the time I grab a hoodie because they’re comfiest of all. It’s kind of funny that it happens to be covered in ram’s skulls. There’s 5 down each arm and one big one on the back. I’ve kind of adopted it really, t’wasn’t actually mine to begin with.

I thought it would be kind of funny to photograph it with the most recent thing I tatted, which is this heart, in size 20 Lizbeth thread. My parents recently went to the USA, and asked if there was anything I wanted. I said if they could find any, I’d love to try some Lizbeth thread, preferably in size 40 or smaller. Unfortunately, they could only get size 20, and in variegated thread, which is a bit thick for me I think – and the colours are a wee bit candy pop, but it was really sweet of them to hunt it down. It’s also great to be able to try it out and work out that yes, 20 IS thicker than 40, and perhaps too thick for me. It’s a nice thread though – feels really different to the DMC thread I’ve been using – it really does feel more like cord.

I’ve also made some slow progress on this:

Its the Mary Konior pattern I kept getting wrong. This is actually the 4th iteration – and you can see it’s still not really right – but actually, I don’t mind. I’ve really loved making it, and knowing that if I decided to make it again, (which I already think I might) I’ll make it much better. Actually, i think my first instinct of onion rings might’ve been right afterall – made the bottoms of the rings a bit neater. I’ve actually really messed up the ring I’m on, and I need to add some new thread in too, but rather than give up, I’m persevering.

I should also add that it’s taking so long because I’ve only been tatting it on the train. I take 4 different modes of transport to work – train is the easiest to tatt on. The journey is between 15-20 mins, but that includes getting on, finding a seat, getting stuff out, tatting, packing it all away again and fighting to get off. So really, it’s not a lot of time each session. This thread is also a thickness of 100 – which makes it very thin. Sometimes it feels like you take your life in your hands every time you close a ring, because it doubles back on itself so much. I did something quickly last night and snapped it by accident.

The thread I like best is, I think, size 80. I lost the paper bit they put in the centre, and there’s no real shop near me to go and check, but through process of elimination, I reckon that’s it. I’ve just ordered a few balls of size in different colours, so hopefully I’ll know for real any day now.