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But not that kind of scrapbook. I’ve recently started a Tumblr account: At the moment, this blog feels more like a place to talk about these stuff I make now and again, and so the tumblr account is more of a scrapbook full of things I love from other people. If you don’t use […]

As I mentioned in my last post, the garden has been going nuts recently. We’ve had a ton of hot weather in the UK – and the occasional heavy rain shower – so everything has been growing like crazy. A few months ago I potted up some cheap bedding plants, kept my fingers crossed I’d […]

These last few weeks have been rather busy, despite a ‘week off’. The week off ended up with me trying to fit two full time jobs into one working week, rather than just one, but broadly speaking, I succeeded more or less. I haven’t done much in the way of tatting though. I did pack […]