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In my last post I mentioned I was about to order Jon’s Tatted Snowflake patterns. Well, I did – and to my delight the PDF arrived super-speedily. (Thank you Jon) As I’ll have to make these patterns up with out the aid of the internet (*panic*) I thought I’d have a bit of a browse […]

You know how it is when you’re reading someone’s blog, and you find yourself with a spare 5 minutes, and then suddenly you’re off elsewhere peeking into someone else’s life? In the summer I was reading Attic24‘s colourful crochet blog, and had a wander through the links in the side bar. I came across the […]

Autumn tatting


After writing the post on Friday, saying I was almost too nervous to start tatting with my new (HDT) thread, I shut down the mac and started loading up a fresh shuttle. By Friday night, I’d finished! I had to head into town, so tatted on every form of public transport, finishing the last few […]

Or rather, ecru. I decided to remake the posy and get it right this time. It’s the Mary Konior pattern of just rings, and the thread is size 100, so it’s quite small: While I was finishing this off, some HDT I’d ordered arrived from Yarnplayer– and it’s gorgeous. I was torn between wanting to […]