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Well, it turns out these hearts are quite addictive. I’ve mentioned in the past I’m not 100% sure which thread I like to crochet with best, and so this has given me a little chance to try a few things out… • At the bottom, there’s the Rowan Siena. I love the colours this comes […]

I managed to sneak in a quiet 5 minutes today while everyone off at the shops. I’ve done all my shopping (hooraaay!), and so I took the opportunity to make my wrapping a wee bit nicer… Isn’t that cute? It’s a heart that lots of people have made into garlands (Ravelry link), but if you […]

What with the actual snow, I got a bit behind in sending out my tatted snowflakes. This is good and bad. Mainly good – it means I have a few for my own tree! I must admit, I took a step back and was really very pleasantly surprised by how nice they look. I’m not […]

I keep meaning to post an update here, and my lack of photographic skillz scuppers me every single time. I finally finished the monkey I was making for my friend’s son, and so he was packed off with the elephant I’d already made for their daughter. While my photos of him were a bit rubbish, […]

Real snow


Turns out mother nature makes snowflakes quicker than I can tatt them… We’ve had about 15″ of snow in the last few days. I’m not complaining yet though… I know the trains are disrupted and it’s a pain n’ stuff – and it’ll be terrible when it starts to melt – but look at it! […]