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Social tatting


So… I don’t post anything for ages and all of a sudden, there’s two in one go. We had a long weekend here in the UK, and I went to visit my folks for the weekend. I’m between crochet projects at the moment, and so I tatted while I chatted with my mum in the […]

I’ve been tatting a lot on the bus and train recently. I decided to work on something that had the possibility of becoming a larger piece, while still being portable and easy to memorise. I have a terrible habit otherwise of not having a pattern in mind to start, and then faffing about – taking […]

It really feels like these have taken forever. And after all that, I’m *still* not sure I like them that much. One minute I think they’re ok, and the next, I think… ‘meh’. Not sure what i was expecting – but everyone else’s on Ravelry look so CUTE. These just don’t seem as nice in […]

Hello – it’s been a wee while, but I am still here. I’ve managed to lose the charger for my camera, so have to wait until I can twist someone’s arm to take shots for me at the moment, and luckily, today was the day. After making the charm I mentioned in my previous post, […]