Ugh…The pouch of pain

ugh 1

So… I would love this blog to be full of all the spectacular things I make, but sometimes, the things I make are far from spectacular. I’m posting this just incase any of you are under the illusion that everything I make turns out the way it was meant to. *sigh*. (Apologies for the horrible photos, but even I can’t make a silk purse out of a badly knitted one).

I had such high hopes for this pouch. So high, I STARTED FROM SCRATCH THREE TIMES. Yes. Three times. from the very beginning. Up to about half way. Incidentally, that up there is the best view of it.

ugh 2

I’m actually annoyed because until I had to sew it together, it looked like it would be passable. Sewing it together just turned it into a mess. All the edges are wonky – I even tried to crochet the edges to tidy it up, and that just made it worse. (I crocheted the edges around the flap – that did improve it.) I guess this is why people knit in the round, isn’t it? The edges were just horrible. I hate to say it but crocheted edges are so much neater!

This is the inside. It’s my first attempt at Fair Isle knitting – and actually I don’t think I did too bad. (There are a few long strands of 8 stitches I should’ve secured, but forgot!). I was worried that it had puckered a bit (a common problem i think) but ironing it made it all look rather nice. I even managed my first ever button hole (ok, I did that twice too). And increases and decreases. I should’ve taken a photo before I sewed it together. Oh well. I can’t un-stitch it, incase you were gong to suggest that. I’ve already tried it 4 or 5 times, which has made the edges even worse.

Oh well. I have learnt a lot.
These are some useful videos:
SSK / slip slip knit – it’s a decrease.
Fair Isle (very good video)
Button Hole

Sorry to be so grumpy. It was just such hard work, and was SO CLOSE to being ok.
Bloody thing.

Any particular make of circular needles I should look out for?

//edit – that was my 100th post? Oh honestly!

Monkey hat!

Monkey hat

I’ve had a few balls of nice yarn sitting about for *ages*. I bought them for a crochet project and then changed my mind. Then I saw this sweet pattern on Little Cotton Rabbits site, and wondered if I was capable of making it… Then I thought I should quickly see if I could walk before I could run for a change, and make something easy with two colours first. (No, I haven’t finished my Guernsey wrap yet – it has doubled in size though!)


This is the Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Pattern, with a few adaptations. I wanted the rib to be a bit more obvious, so I knit 2 / purl 2 for 4 rows – which made each rib wider and longer than they suggested. Then because their language is a bit chatty I couldn’t work out how many rows I was actually supposed to do, so I made it 12 in total before the decreases (was that right?). The rest of the instructions I followed as suggested.


I’m actually away from a Post office between now and their 1st October deadline, and so Monkey gets a new hat, and I’ve learnt how to make them for next year. (I hope they wont mind). It’s a nice little pattern to learn stripes with. I looked at a few You Tube videos for help and this one seemed to do the trick.

Also HOW CUTE are these photos?! It’s my partners camera – which he says cannot fail to take a good photo. I think for once, monkey was the perfect model! (He can pull a slightly sarcastic expression at times.)

Found: crafting mojo

kindle case

If there were Olympic medals for ‘having a bit of a think’ I would surely get one. I got a Kindle Touch for my birthday at the beginning of August, and I’ve been having a bit of a think about making a case ever since. You know what? I just finished it about 10 minutes ago! That’s it up there.

I really ummed and ahhed about what fabric to use. I actually thought this patterned Amy Butler fabric was too nice for this – and then I realised I was being an idiot. I bought the plain and patterned fabric together, on a whim, from an offcuts basket. They’re lovely, of course, but there is no ├╝ber project – is there? If we spend our lives waiting for the perfect project to use this fabric or that button, we’ll be waiting forever. I’m not saying ‘waste fabric’ but… I don’t know. There’s no perfect project, buy stuff you love and enjoy using it.


So anyway, now *that’s* out of my system – the Amy butler fabric is a pocket! It’s to put the cable in. If you do a bit of a google for Kindle tutorials you’ll see this a lot. I like it. To be honest, there are loads of tutorials out there, so I used half a Kindle tutorial and half this iPad cover tutorial (which is really good). I considered more complicated options (this tutorial looks brilliant) but frankly, I feel like a lost my crafting mojo a bit and I just wanted to make something super uncomplicated. I didn’t measure anything – which lucky for me worked out ok – and nothing was straight! But y’know. No one died.


I’ll let you into a secret though. The Amy Butler fabric, the co-ordinating solid brown… It’s all very tasteful. And then I thought maybe it’s a bit TOO tasteful? So the lining inside is that slightly lurid green with multicoloured flowers! It doesn’t match at all and I love it. The button came free with an Etsy order ages ago and was a suspiciously good match too.


Last time I went home, my mum gave me this. It’s a little plastic case with a load of different threads in – she said she picked it up somewhere as it was quite cheap and thought it could be useful. As I was about to embark on this epic journey, I realised I didn’t have any brown thread. I cannot believe what a perfect match was inside this box! It might not be the kind of thread you make an heirloom gift from – but if you’re prone to making small projects on a whim (even if it is a well pondered whim) then this is perfect. It’s just a small amount of each colour to tide you over. And it includes needles. Amazing. What a brilliant thing to have knocking about.

So there you have it, a new Kindle case. It’s a bit wonky, obviously – but I couldn’t be happier.