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So… I would love this blog to be full of all the spectacular things I make, but sometimes, the things I make are far from spectacular. I’m posting this just incase any of you are under the illusion that everything I make turns out the way it was meant to. *sigh*. (Apologies for the horrible […]

Monkey hat!


I’ve had a few balls of nice yarn sitting about for *ages*. I bought them for a crochet project and then changed my mind. Then I saw this sweet pattern on Little Cotton Rabbits site, and wondered if I was capable of making it… Then I thought I should quickly see if I could walk […]

If there were Olympic medals for ‘having a bit of a think’ I would surely get one. I got a Kindle Touch for my birthday at the beginning of August, and I’ve been having a bit of a think about making a case ever since. You know what? I just finished it about 10 minutes […]