Advance new year wishes


Hello! Hope you had a good Christmas (I did!). I have a raging cold right now, and so this is a quick post to wish you well for the new year. Above are some little stockings I made as gifts (although the stripy one is wrong, so I remade it differently). They’re not too hard to do for an inexperienced knitter as they’re made flat and then stitched. Actually, the stitching might be the hardest part… It’s this pattern again, from Little Cotton Rabbits.

I’ve also been trying to knit in the round on 3 dpns – nothing as small as these stockings – but damn it’s hard! I think I’ve got it now, but I’ve frogged everything I’ve done so far. I’ve almost taken an eye out once! It’s gotta be said, crochet does have some things over knitting, and just using one hook for everything has to be the main one. Hopefully I’ll be able to report some progress soon.

I’ve also got a drop spindle! I’ve watched about 5000 YouTube videos so far, so I’m hoping to make some progress with that too. Frustratingly I was asleep in bed all day yesterday as I felt really rough, but it’ll be a short-ish work week this week, so next weekend should be the perfect time to get started.

That’s all for now. Hope you’re all safe, warm and well. Thanks for sticking with me this year – I’ve really appreciated your comments and encouragement. Hope you have a brilliant 2013!

Another wreath!


Less speedy than the last one! This is a lavender bag, tatted as a thank you to Katy for the thread she gave me. I had a bit of a panic about what to tat actually. I need to look for new patterns! As I usually tat on the train though, it’s not always possible. I like to do things I have memorised already (much less of a faff) – also, I wanted to tat something I knew would look nice. I do like the colour of this thread. It’s really close to the colour of the linen, and I think it looks good with the beads.

Katy also gave me some white thread, if you recall, so on the reverse are the flowers I tatted with the two colours together.


The threads are actually different sizes – which on freeform stuff like this is fine, but I spotted it when another Mary Konior pattern I was tatting started looking a bit tight. I adjusted numbers of stitches though, so all good.

I tried extra hard with the sewing on this one – it’s always a bit nerve-wracking making things as gifts. I think it turned out ok though.  Also, Katy has been decluttering her house this year, and I felt a bit bad about sending more clutter as she’s done so well, but I thought… well, it’s useful and will tuck in a drawer and make things smell nice 😉

Thanks again Katy. (Aren’t bloggers nice?)

Speed-tatted wreath



One of the things I like about crafty stuff is the seasonal rhythm. It seems to happen more in Autumn and winter with tatters perhaps, but I love that around september tatters often switch to autumnal colours, and tat leaves and pumpkins and other things. In the winter of course everyone switches to snowflakes, because if there’s one thing tatting seems to be made for it’s snowflakes.

I’m not sure what’s happened this year, but time has run away with me completely! I’ve either not had a seat on my commute or  it’s been really squished, or my hands have been too cold. I’ve been working late for the last month or so too, and so maybe I’ve just not had the right bit of my brain available by the time I get to the train. Anyway. No snowflakes. I also realised that I’ve not posted a single card as yet, and there’s one friend of my Mum’s to whom I usually send a snowflake. This year I thought I would finally get around to tatting this in green with beads and send this instead. It’s unblocked in this photo – I must admit I do like the organic shape of it like this. You can’t see how lovely and glowly the beads are in this photo, but they’re a really nice ruby red.

It’s tatted in size 80 dmc, and so there’s not stacks of beads. I know other people make this pattern with beads at every join, but it’s too hard to get a needle / double thread in a bead like this to attach beads to a joining picot. (I know if you don’t tat, that makes no sense, but just incase you do, that’s what’s going on).

Anyway. Just the one photo, as I need to get this blocked and try and see if I have any Xmas cards in the house at all. (It’s generally a blessing that I work away from shops, but occasionally a curse).

Happy Sunday! If you’re Christmas Crafting, hope it’s going well.

It’s a wrap!



finished wrapFinished at last! I blocked this last night (no photos, sadly) but it took up two bath towels and most of the front room. I think I could’ve stretched it a bit further when I blocked it, but actually I like the size that it is – and the thickness. It was also my first time using blocking wires – which seemed to go ok.


It’s this pattern, if you’re wondering – and would like to see what it looks like on! If you’re thinking of making it – do! It’s not hard, and it’s not a bad TV project. As a beginner knitter I found it really satisfying. Not too challenging and looks much more complicated than it really is. It’s also a lovely thing to have at the end.



No pics of it on, as I can’t seem to find a good spot in the house to take a photo. Also, I have a day off and I look dreadful, because I know I don’t need to leave the house ;o)

I used Cascade 220 for this, based purely on what other people were using on Ravelry. It’s lovely and soft – not at all itchy. Also cosy and warm. I’d definitely use it again. Actually, I have to use it again, I have one spare skein. Was half thinking about some fingerless gloves, but I wonder if it’s too chunky for that… Will have a bit of a Ravelry session and see.

Anyway. Finished!

Umm, what on earth should I knit next?