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Hello! Hope you had a good Christmas (I did!). I have a raging cold right now, and so this is a quick post to wish you well for the new year. Above are some little stockings I made as gifts (although the stripy one is wrong, so I remade it differently). They’re not too hard […]

Another wreath!


Less speedy than the last one! This is a lavender bag, tatted as a thank you to Katy for the thread she gave me. I had a bit of a panic about what to tat actually. I need to look for new patterns! As I usually tat on the train though, it’s not always possible. […]

  One of the things I like about crafty stuff is the seasonal rhythm. It seems to happen more in Autumn and winter with tatters perhaps, but I love that around september tatters often switch to autumnal colours, and tat leaves and pumpkins and other things. In the winter of course everyone switches to snowflakes, […]

It’s a wrap!


    Finished at last! I blocked this last night (no photos, sadly) but it took up two bath towels and most of the front room. I think I could’ve stretched it a bit further when I blocked it, but actually I like the size that it is – and the thickness. It was also […]