I like to make things, sometimes; I’m occasionally crafty. I make things to get me off the computer and help me to relax.

I started this site so I could have some where to talk about the crafty odds and ends I do. It’s nice to have somewhere to record my progress, share my triumphs and my failures, and occasionally (hopefully!) have a little chat with like-minded people in the comments. (Please do comment, I don’t bite.)

When I started this blog I couldn’t knit or sew, but I could crochet and tat.

I still can’t sew very well (!) but I can knit a bit, as of Easter 2012. I really should be better at knitting by now, but at least it’s a hobby and not a profession.

There’s no huge point to anything I make, mostly I make things for the joy of making them, or learning something new.

If you’re really curious, I’m a graphic and interactive designer, and I live in the UK. Hello!

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