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Lunchtime links


I’m not a knitter, but if I were, I’d think about making these – Totoro gloves!. The link is to a pattern on Ravelry – you’ll need to be logged in. This is also wonderful, and huge. A crocheted Super Mario blanket. And finally, Shauna Richardson has been commissioned to crochet three 30 foot lions […]

Just for the hell of it, I thought I’d try tatting with some cotton I originally bought to crochet with. It’s very smooth and looked like it would slide easily enough (something you need for tatting), so seemed worth a little experiment. I’ve always liked the idea of tatting with other threads – in the […]

I’ve been making this monkey for what feels like forever. I started before Christmas and it seemed to be working up pretty fast. I was making it as a gift ¬†for a little lady I know, (very little) but then realised actually she was too little, so all urgency was off. Which was lucky, as […]

Panic crochet


On the run up to Christmas, I’d decided to make a few gifts for various people. Little by little time started to trickle by, and before I knew it, run away with me completely. I was going to make bunting, but then that plan was scuppered by someone faster with the same idea, I was […]