Tatting Resources

These are tutorials and patterns that I either mean to try, or have tried. They’re here so I can find them again. Maybe you’ll find them useful too.

Please note:

  1. All the patterns & tutorials are free – but do support the crafting community by buying their self-published patterns when you can. (Obviously all the patterns here are copyright to their respective owners.)
  2. Links were live when I posted them. If you spot a broken link, let me know and I’ll either fix it or remove it. (Thanks!)

Tatting tutorials

Tatting Cluny leaves: a video
How to make a mock ring
How to add new thread to tatting
Tatting a wild rose
Hiding ends – two alternative methods.
• Debbie Drake’s explanation of the magic thread trick (on Georgia Seitz’ site)
• How to make the final join without twisting – a photo tutorial
Videos for almost every technique in the book (!)
How to make a split chain

Tatted christmas patterns & snowflakes

Christmas Wreath
Candlelight snowflake
Quantiesque Snowflake – my favourite of Jon‘s free snowflake patterns. NOTE: Jon has lots of good tutorials on her site too
Tatted Christmas Tree
Simple star, circle in the centre

General tatting patterns

Tatted vine
Li’l Heart, by Birgit Phelps, © 2001 (nice little heart for cards, my version is here.)
Sweetheart Birgit Phelps, © 2003 (great for beginners – looks complicated but is quite easy to follow).
Flower wreath
• Valeire Square and teardrop heart
• Flower border (designed by me!)

Tatted cluny patterns

Cluny leaf heart (my version is here)
Cluny motif. (Flowers and leaves wreath)
Rose de Noel, by ElisaduSud.

Encyclopaedia of Needlework and vintage patterns

Tatting section
Downloadable PDF of DMC Tatting book


Tatting press pattern – to transport your tatting on the move.

11 thoughts on “Tatting Resources

  1. As you’ve gathered I like making things but I’m not generally very good at anything in particular 🙂 Is there some way I could teach myself this gorgeous art? I’ve had a look at some youtube stuff but they assume I know how to start off 😦

  2. Hello, i was just reading an older post where you were making sachet bags and had just purchased an electric sewing machine. You had mentioned not liking the closed stitching. I instantly said to self, ‘blind stitch, or slip stitch’ easy. Not sure how you made the bags. I make an inner bag and outer bag, leaving about ..oh 1.5 inches in the middle of a side. Then put the inner bag in, stuff, and close, then close the outer bag. You’ll find when you push the opening of the outer bag to the inside and pull the seam, holding both ends of thsat side of the bag, it works perfectly showing you where to stitch. Here is a picture of it

    and here is the method

    when i do this i make tiny stitches and usually only grab a few strands of fabric thread on each side. It goes quickly. Love your work

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