Ugh…The pouch of pain

ugh 1

So… I would love this blog to be full of all the spectacular things I make, but sometimes, the things I make are far from spectacular. I’m posting this just incase any of you are under the illusion that everything I make turns out the way it was meant to. *sigh*. (Apologies for the horrible photos, but even I can’t make a silk purse out of a badly knitted one).

I had such high hopes for this pouch. So high, I STARTED FROM SCRATCH THREE TIMES. Yes. Three times. from the very beginning. Up to about half way. Incidentally, that up there is the best view of it.

ugh 2

I’m actually annoyed because until I had to sew it together, it looked like it would be passable. Sewing it together just turned it into a mess. All the edges are wonky – I even tried to crochet the edges to tidy it up, and that just made it worse. (I crocheted the edges around the flap – that did improve it.) I guess this is why people knit in the round, isn’t it? The edges were just horrible. I hate to say it but crocheted edges are so much neater!

This is the inside. It’s my first attempt at Fair Isle knitting – and actually I don’t think I did too bad. (There are a few long strands of 8 stitches I should’ve secured, but forgot!). I was worried that it had puckered a bit (a common problem i think) but ironing it made it all look rather nice. I even managed my first ever button hole (ok, I did that twice too). And increases and decreases. I should’ve taken a photo before I sewed it together. Oh well. I can’t un-stitch it, incase you were gong to suggest that. I’ve already tried it 4 or 5 times, which has made the edges even worse.

Oh well. I have learnt a lot.
These are some useful videos:
SSK / slip slip knit – it’s a decrease.
Fair Isle (very good video)
Button Hole

Sorry to be so grumpy. It was just such hard work, and was SO CLOSE to being ok.
Bloody thing.

Any particular make of circular needles I should look out for?

//edit – that was my 100th post? Oh honestly!