Monkey hat!

Monkey hat

I’ve had a few balls of nice yarn sitting about for *ages*. I bought them for a crochet project and then changed my mind. Then I saw this sweet pattern on Little Cotton Rabbits site, and wondered if I was capable of making it… Then I thought I should quickly see if I could walk before I could run for a change, and make something easy with two colours first. (No, I haven’t finished my Guernsey wrap yet – it has doubled in size though!)


This is the Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Pattern, with a few adaptations. I wanted the rib to be a bit more obvious, so I knit 2 / purl 2 for 4 rows – which made each rib wider and longer than they suggested. Then because their language is a bit chatty I couldn’t work out how many rows I was actually supposed to do, so I made it 12 in total before the decreases (was that right?). The rest of the instructions I followed as suggested.


I’m actually away from a Post office between now and their 1st October deadline, and so Monkey gets a new hat, and I’ve learnt how to make them for next year. (I hope they wont mind). It’s a nice little pattern to learn stripes with. I looked at a few You Tube videos for help and this one seemed to do the trick.

Also HOW CUTE are these photos?! It’s my partners camera – which he says cannot fail to take a good photo. I think for once, monkey was the perfect model! (He can pull a slightly sarcastic expression at times.)