Social tatting

So… I don’t post anything for ages and all of a sudden, there’s two in one go. We had a long weekend here in the UK, and I went to visit my folks for the weekend. I’m between crochet projects at the moment, and so I tatted while I chatted with my mum in the garden.

It made quite a change actually. My usual tatting routine is: rush for the train, try and get a seat. If I get a seat, hope I also have room to move my elbows. If I have room to move my elbows then out comes the tatting – time for a few rings and chains before packing up again and on to the bus. I usually get a seat on the bus, but it depends how bumpy and how squashed I am as to whether or not I get the tatting out again (also a little bit on the look of the person sitting next to me). Looking back on it, it’s no wonder it takes SO LONG to finish anything.


As I was chatting I decided to go for a more repetitive pattern. I must admit I *love* this pattern. I’ve tatted it before, both successfully, and unsuccessfully! (The successful bit is my favourite piece of tatting ever). This is a Mary Konior pattern (again!) and nice to do – just don’t forget to pay attention to the last set of petals. (It’s also great as it’s shuttle only – no ball, no second shuttle, a marvel!)

two rings

These two are both size 80 thread – they’re about 4cm in diameter. The other one up there ^ is size 100 (about 3.5cm in diameter), and I tatted it a while ago. I shot it really to see what the difference in size was – and actually, the difference is a bit more noticeable in real life. The blue thread is from Yarnplayer.

Believe it or not, I’m midway through another one of these – I’m not sleeping at the moment (bad back) and so I ended up tatting to keep myself awake and sociable in the daytime! This last one will be finished on the train though.

I have plans for these, but it means I have to sew them on to something first, so don’t hold your breath just yet.

Oh! And one more thing. I ran out of thread on both of these and had to add more in. I usually try and avoid that at all costs, but I don’t think I did too badly, even if i do say so myself. Hooray!