A big fat, annoyed, tatted sigh.

I’d really enjoyed working on ┬áthis. Took me four attempts to actually get it started, and although it was’t looking *amazing* it was at least getting finished.

Until the very last day.

All messed up.

No seat on the train, so standing up in the isle I thought, ‘well, there’s only a bit left, I might aswell finish it’. In the squeeze, in the rush, I joined two wrong rings and now it needs unpicking (unlikely to work, the thread is size 100, so I don’t fancy its chances) or a bit chopping out. It’s really not worth it. It’s not neatly done, and so I didn’t have great plans for it, I just really wanted to finish it.

Never mind. Better luck next time I guess.

I think actually onion rings did look neater, when I do remake this (I still think I will) I might switch back again. Has anyone else made this pattern, incidentally? It’s Mary Konior, Ring a Ring O’ Roses.