Comfy craft

I admit it. I am the *queen* of comfort clothing. Even though I don’t have to dress up for work, I still have to get changed the second I walk home through the door. Most of the time I grab a hoodie because they’re comfiest of all. It’s kind of funny that it happens to be covered in ram’s skulls. There’s 5 down each arm and one big one on the back. I’ve kind of adopted it really, t’wasn’t actually mine to begin with.

I thought it would be kind of funny to photograph it with the most recent thing I tatted, which is this heart, in size 20 Lizbeth thread. My parents recently went to the USA, and asked if there was anything I wanted. I said if they could find any, I’d love to try some Lizbeth thread, preferably in size 40 or smaller. Unfortunately, they could only get size 20, and in variegated thread, which is a bit thick for me I think – and the colours are a wee bit candy pop, but it was really sweet of them to hunt it down. It’s also great to be able to try it out and work out that yes, 20 IS thicker than 40, and perhaps too thick for me. It’s a nice thread though – feels really different to the DMC thread I’ve been using – it really does feel more like cord.

I’ve also made some slow progress on this:

Its the Mary Konior pattern I kept getting wrong. This is actually the 4th iteration – and you can see it’s still not really right – but actually, I don’t mind. I’ve really loved making it, and knowing that if I decided to make it again, (which I already think I might) I’ll make it much better. Actually, i think my first instinct of onion rings might’ve been right afterall – made the bottoms of the rings a bit neater. I’ve actually really messed up the ring I’m on, and I need to add some new thread in too, but rather than give up, I’m persevering.

I should also add that it’s taking so long because I’ve only been tatting it on the train. I take 4 different modes of transport to work – train is the easiest to tatt on. The journey is between 15-20 mins, but that includes getting on, finding a seat, getting stuff out, tatting, packing it all away again and fighting to get off. So really, it’s not a lot of time each session. This thread is also a thickness of 100 – which makes it very thin. Sometimes it feels like you take your life in your hands every time you close a ring, because it doubles back on itself so much. I did something quickly last night and snapped it by accident.

The thread I like best is, I think, size 80. I lost the paper bit they put in the centre, and there’s no real shop near me to go and check, but through process of elimination, I reckon that’s it. I’ve just ordered a few balls of size in different colours, so hopefully I’ll know for real any day now.