I never used to understand how people could have UFOs knocking around the house. For the uninitiated, UFO means ‘unfinished object’. I thought, ‘well, if you’ve started it, why don’t you just finish it?’. Seemed a bit weird to have something on the go and then leave it for something else.

At the moment I have a scarf, a hook case and a monkey on the go.

The scarf was an easy project to do when I was away for a week in the summer. Something that didn’t need much concentration so if I was talking I wouldn’t need to keep stopping to work out where I was. It’s the Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf – and it’s easy to do. I paused half way as I couldn’t decide if I’d wear it as a real scarf – it’s quite narrow. I will finish it, just, you know, later. I did find an adapted version of the pattern on Ravelry, by ‘Crafty Knitter’. It’s spectacular:

When some time I’ll figure out how she adapted it.

The hook case is from a book I was given as a birthday present. Called Lacy Crochet it’s full of some lovely projects. I’ve enjoyed making the case so far, I just need to… you know, finish it. Also, it’ll need lining when it’s done, which means sewing, and I’m terrible at that…

The monkey, well, I always seem to be making monkeys – and I’ll talk about him in another post. In the meantime, I’m still thinking about what to make next. There’s a bag I’d like to make for me, a cute little acorn bag for a child, a banner for a kids room, and I want to learn Irish crochet. And make a throw. The problem with crafting occasionally is the time to do all the nice things you see along the way.

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