Lace necklaces…

I’m a tatter. I tat. I do tatting. It’s nothing like tattooing. I’ll write more about it another time but for now, just think of it like ‘sturdy lace’. With this in mind, when I see lace-like things, I can’t help but use them as inspiration for future tatted projects. (You know, those kind of ‘future projects’ that may or may not come to fruition).

These are some things I’ve spotted recently:

This on Etsy, by eninaj, gold plated silver and leather.

This, by Henderson Dry Goods, laser cut wood

These, by andrea8779, laser cut leather

And finally, this actually IS lace, from cutiemus

All very nice. It’s interesting to see how much laser cutting is going on these days. Paper cutting seems to’ve boomed in popularity, and I’ve just spotted a few laser-cut-paper-cuts over on etsy. More on that another time.

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