Knitted Amigurumi

I have a few things to blog about, by no daylight time to take any pictures! I’ve been making a few tiny tiny things which will make more sense with photos, but in the meantime I stumbled across Dangercrafts. They sell fantastic patterns for knitted toys, like this:

and this

I can’t actually knit (more of a crochet girl), but they’re so nice, I thought I should share, just incase you can. (Because, y’know, you probably *should*)

In the meantime, I’m trying to think of a bigger crochet project to make. Like an afghan or a blanket – but… I dunno. Not a hexagon one or a ripple one, because as nice as they are, they wont really go with our house. (Not that I know what would, actually…) Also I made a hexagon the other day and managed to make it with one side too many, which was rather impressive…

I was thinking about making this though – because it is beautiful:

This is made by Yarn Theory, on Flickr. She did a fantastic job – and its actually much nicer than the one shown in the pattern. So we shall see. If you have any suggestion dear lone reader, let me know. Thanks!

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