Speedy Elephants

I’ve had a few problems with my neck / shoulder / arm. It actually looks like the problem is in my neck, trapping nerves and transferring the pain down my arm, occasionally making my fingers go numb too. I’ve had it on and off for the past year, but it’s been more consistently painful, and much worse for the past week or so.

I had a horrible feeling the/a doctor would tell me not to crochet any more so decided to make this at speed, so at least it was done… And isn’t she cute! I made her last weekend on and off, just before things really kicked in.

Crocheted Elephant

This is the pattern, available on Etsy. It’s very easy to follow, and there’s some nice details. In the end, as I was trying out the invisible decrease, I didn’t do some of the back-loop stitches, which would’ve made the pads of the feet and arms more defined. I only mention it incase the pattern author should see this and get annoyed that I’d ignored her very good instructions! As I had the pink yarn I thought I might aswell use it for the feet/arms. It might be the pink that makes this look a wee bit like a cross between a mouse and an elephant when you see it in real life.

It was a also good excuse to use one of the teeny buttons I bought at Ally Pally Knitting and Stitching show last year too. Not really needed, but the buttons are so nice it’s great to use them on *something*. I was going to put two on there, but it was an after thought and I couldn’t get the needle down far enough without puling out stitches.

She has a scarf of course, as I suck a bit at sewing on heads to bodies. i didn’t do a terrible job actually, but she looks kinda nice with a scarf anyway.  Unusually, she doesn’t really have a name – but she’s clearly a girl, whereas most of the monkeys I make are usually boys.

This monkey is really a boy – I’ve taken his hat off, and he does seem very grateful. He’s accessory-less, and and I think that’s the way he likes it).

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