Little ‘un

So, after the complete joy of finishing elephant number one (who, weirdly, is much loved but still nameless) I decided I should make another one. You know, just to see if the first one was a fluke, and to indulge my odd habit of making the same thing in different thread for no apparent reason.
I only really have one other thread for this kind of thing, and that’s some crochet cotton I bought online. I’ve got three colours, beige, white and dusty pink – and thus elephant number two had no choice, she was to be made those colours, or nothing.
I’ve used this thread before – I made a monkey with it, but what I found amazing this time is that if I’d made her any smaller, the backs of the safety eyes wouldn’t fit in her head. Poor wee thing. She really is quite small.
As I’ve mentioned before, the pattern for this is really nice. I made the head in super quick time – you know when you’re on a roll and just want to get things made?
I dawdled a bit with the rest, mainly as I’m still having a few neck/shoulder issues and I’m trying not to do stuff for too long. I was going to add two buttons to her dress – hence the slightly odd positioning of the one you can see, but even though that button is weeny, there still wasn’t much room for another.
I spent a silly amount of time choosing ribbon for her scarf. She was really rooting for bright red with white dots, but could I find that style ribbon thin enough? No, I could not – thanks for asking. She quite likes this daisy pattern though, and so we’re sticking with it for now.
I actually went ribbon shopping in Liberty (as well as John Lewis), and an assistant came over and squealed a bit when she saw her. As she very kindly helped me look, she asked if I would be selling her. I was bowled over with flattery, but I did say that she’d be about £300 at the rate I crochet and I wasn’t sure anyone had quite that much money to spend on… Well…
What exactly *is* she? Well. Half way through making her, I’d decided she should be called Atish, which I know is a boys name, but sounded like a good name for a shrew. (Atish Shrew! Bless you, etc). But she’s a kind of babyelephantyshrewymousey kind of thing, of course! I’m rather offended you couldn’t tell.

3 thoughts on “Little ‘un

  1. She looks super-adorable being so small! I like her name, and I see what you mean about her looking a bit mouse/shrew-y. I’ve realised that when I made mine I just bent the trunk a bit to make her look more elephant-y.

  2. I can’t believe how absolutely cute and tiny and small she is. If I made this I’d be shouting it from the rooftops! I want her but not sure I can afford the £300 price tag.

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