Tatting with rings

So, I get it now – not just how to do it, but why people love it! It’s kind of addictive… I had tried before, but I’ve realised a couple of things. First, I think I was only doing half the stitch each time – it took a wee while to work that one out. Second, I was using horrible thread, and the only plastic rings I could find really needed something thinner.

Tatted ring

So this is one of Jon Yusoff’s patterns, in size 80. I made two alterations – on the middle flower I had to leave a few stitches out to make it small enough to fit, and on the outer ring I used picots instead of Josephine knots as I didn’t have a spare shuttle to hand and I wanted to get started *right then*!

How big is the final thing? Well, it’s about this big:

Ring to scale

It’s about the size of a minifig lego Stormtrooper. I had a feeling that as soon as I called Death Star for help there’d be trouble. And there is. Despite being a little short for a Strormtrooper, he’s taken the tatting and is now holding it to ransom. SEND HELP.


2 thoughts on “Tatting with rings

  1. Wha’daya mean NO RESPONSES??!! The tatting needs a rescue!!! So, here it is, over a year later, someone’s comment to ransom the lovely little ring!! I’m going through your blog, just found it, and having quite a chuckle at your sense of humor!! The oldest of my 3 children had just turned FOUR when we went to that ORIGINAL Star Wars movie in the 70’s 🙂 Your tatting is as exquisite as your wit is sharp!!

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