A tatted flurry

So, I’m back from my travels, and very nice they were too. I took some tatting with me – for the journey, and incase I had the odd spare moment. Actually the days were so full I barely had a moment to think. In the end i just made three and a half snowflakes:

tatted snowflakes

I bought Jon’s book of tatted snowflakes and took the whole book in my suitcase, but just one page for the flight. This is the reason for the snowflake at the bottom being slightly wrong! I read the pattern a bit wrong (instructions for reading it where in the case, of course) but manageed to work out a way to carry on, just with extra picots in the middle.

The one at the top centre I made half on the flight back, and finished on the train to work. I kept having to ‘retro tatt’ that one – found it really difficult getting back into the swing of tatting on a packed commuter train. (I’m sort of back on track now, I started the on the bottom right this week).

Close up

I love this design – really pretty but very snowflakey too. The plan was to put these in with Christmas cards, as decorations or whatever. At the moment I’m in two minds as to what to do about a hanging loop. I bought that ribbon yesterday, as they didn’t have any white but… I dunno. Feels a bit thick, even though it’s the thinnest they have. I’ve got half a mind to tatt a length of split rings as a chain-loop thing instead. What do you think? I’ll see how the time goes.

For now, I’ve almost finished the broomstick lace scarf and I must sew a monkey together, before his intended recipient grows up and gets old!

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