Rinse, repeat

Since I last posted, I’ve been unable to break the habit of tatting the Posey pattern. It’s just the simplest easiest thing to do on the road. I did actually start, and complete over half, of Mary Konior’s ‘Hearts Desire’ – but managed to screw it up when I changed from the train to the bus and the man siting next to me started up a conversation. Now it’s a lacy 90degree angle, and no use to anyone.(Or does anyone need a lace set square? Let me know) so I finished off the shuttle with another posey, of course, that being the joy of a shuttle only pattern.

Posey pattern

I’ve made three of them into more lavender bags. Another posey – not made into a bag- is loitering on my desk, and one more is on the shuttle. Actually it IS getting kind of silly. Must find something else to do.

Crochet lavender bag

Ages ago I made this motif when I was testing out the linen thread. It’s really dense – so dense it looks like it’s machine made when you see it close up. As that’s just been hanging about too, I thought I’d use it on another lavender bag. Then I thought I’d try adding a border to see how that looked. I tried three different borders in the end, and this is the most basic. It looks ok, but I must admit, I don’t love it… I think this linen is a bit thick for this kind of work – but at least now I know. Next time maybe I’ll use DMC Perle or something. I did enjoy making it though – perhaps this is the ideal kind of project for someone who likes making lace (in various forms) but doesn’t know where she’d put a doily. Also, I have to say, i LOVE this ribbon. It’s so cute, and umm, so CHEAP.

Ele J

I’ve also been making another one of these. I must’ve made about 5 now! It’s a gift for a friend who’s having a bit of a rough time at the moment. I was wondering what to make her, and I went back through my flickr stream and noticed she’d commented on the first one I made, so I thought she might appreciate one. I really hope she likes it. It’s very similar to the one I made for myself – but I managed to fit on two wee buttons on her dress. It’s such a great pattern, probably the best, and most used pattern I’ve ever bought.

It’s chucking it down outside (hence crappy photos again). Oddly, it’s quite nice. I keep looking at my tomato and chilli plants and thinking how happy they look. It’s not been the best of weekends, but I feel a bit more cheerful now. Maybe it’s default aromatherapy. This room smells like a lavender farm 🙂

3 thoughts on “Rinse, repeat

  1. Well it isn’t raining in my part of the UK – YET!!!! Love the MK motif. I’m ‘stuck’ on one thing at the moment too and keep telling myself to try something NEW!!!

    • I’m south of London – if it’s not got to you, it might be because it’s quite happy where it is – it’s still going! and glad it’s not just me that gets stuck on one thing all the time too 🙂

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