New year, new-ish tatting and crochet

Hello, happy new year! I can’t believe new year was only last weekend. It seems like a lifetime ago already. It’s been a tricksy week this one… Two steps forward, and while not quite two steps back, not really the four steps forward I was hoping for.


I snapped this little pile while I was packing up. Look at the colour of the ecru thread on the white cotton! It looks so yellow. I know it sounds odd, but I love looking at little piles of tatting like this. I still can’t believe that my fingers can make something this delicate. I’m not a delicate person. I’m a jeans n’ trainers girl through and through – about as delicate as a herd of elephants.

Anyway. I digress.

I was hoping to be able to be able to present a finished baby blanket this weekend, but sadly I need a bit more yarn:


All I need is half a ball to finish the shells on two sides, but sadly, despite ordering from Texere on Tuesday and paying extra for first class post (and the fact that it’s listed as in stock) I’ve yet to receive a even a dispatch notice, let alone any yarn, which is really frustrating. I’m hoping it comes this week, as I need to give it to my friend next Saturday. Tempted to order another ball from someone else as a fall back…

That aside, the blanket came with me to my parents for the Christmas holidays and to friends for new year. With all the travelling, I put my billions of lavender bags to good use, and stuffed them in with the blanket each time I packed it in a bag. It smells great!

black bags

These are two I made but never blogged. They’re made from an old sheet, and I gave them an extra seam around the edges. I put less stuffing in than some of the previous ones, and they look quite different I think. (Still not that straight though, which is why I didn’t give them to anyone!)

I finished the other beaded posy I was making – just need to sew in the ends and block it:
small beaded posy

These beads are TINY. I thought the red ones I’d used for the other one were small, but these are about half the size of those. They’re bronze, and actually only show up against certain backgrounds, but I really like them.

I’ve been back to work this week, and so back to commuter tatting. As ever, I didn’t have a pattern ready, so I thought I would make use of my ingenious pre-planned project.


Yeah. Not so ingenious when it’s in size 100 thread and you’re working in size 80! So I might have two ingenious pre-planned projects to carry with me in different sizes.

Incase you’re wondering, the ingenious part was that whenever I got stuck on a journey, I could work on a new square if I hadn’t had time to look up a new pattern. I know this pattern off by heart, and it’s a good travelling project. Foolproof, even. Or not, as it turns out.

Anyway. Onwards! I’ve just ordered a new tatting book from Susan Schwenke. There’s a snowflake in it that a lot of people have made recently, and I love it. I had a plan to make a load of snowflakes *now* so I don’t have a panic next Christmas. Will that actually work? Who knows. (It wont, will it?)

We shall see…

12 thoughts on “New year, new-ish tatting and crochet

  1. Your work is absolutely beautiful! My Mum still has some pieces made by a very old cousin of hers in the sixties. They are still perfect today so you are making heirlooms too 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, all your tatting makes me wish I could finish a single motif!
    I like tatting because it’s proper sturdy lace, holds up to washing well…lace for the jeans and trainers sorts!

    • You can! Just do a small one 🙂 you’ll notice I’ve yet todo something big… Mainly as I don’t know what I’d do with it. You could always make some butterflies, as I spotted cw2cats up there has done…

      • I’ll have to find a tiny motif and use it as a reward for finishing another project…I’m secretly hoping to stumble across a Mary Koniors book somewhere to re-inspire me.

    • Thank you – and thank you for commenting, it’s very nice to know there are people out there. I’m hoping to improve on the sachets a bit this year. I like making them, but they could be a bit neater 🙂

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog. I crochet, but I would love to learn to tat! Your motifs are beautiful! So is your sewing machine, by the way. My mom collects vintage sewing machines. I am going to bookmark this page for sure!

    • Thank you! You should definitely try tatting if you fancy it. I learnt via You Tube… Just need a bit of time and a lot of patience 🙂 I shuttle tat, but you can do it with a needle too. (does you mum use her sewing machines?)

      • Yes she does, in fact, her modern model was broken when my brother got married, and his fiancee at the time asked her to make the bridesmaids’ dresses, so she used one of her vintage machines, and they turned out lovely! (I didn’t inherit her sewing skills, but I am pretty good at crochet) I have been watching Youtube videos on tatting since I found your blog, I think I’m off and running! 🙂

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