A half hearted Li’l Heart (from Birgit Phelps’ pattern)

pink heart 1

UPDATE: 20 Feb 2021 – sadly the pattern for this heart is no longer available online. / UPDATE 2: 26 April 2021 – Anke pointed out in the comments that you can still find this pattern on the Wayback Machine!

A little while ago, the lovely Katy commented on a post saying that she wished she could finish a tatted motif. I blithely commented back that she should make Birgit Phelps’ ‘Lil Heart’ because it was small and wouldn’t take long. Then I realised I’d never even made it myself!

Feeling guilty, I got on with it. Luckily, I was right – it doesn’t take long! Also, it’s really pretty – as you can see up there. As ever, I wound too much thread on to the shuttle, and when I’d finished, I wasn’t sure it was enough to make another one – so I thought I’d try something out. I halved the stitch count on everything, and made a smaller one (below):

small heart

It worked a treat! I must say, I did sit on the train congratulating myself for my sheer brilliance. I do appreciate it would be a bit more brilliant if I’d actually made up the pattern myself, but you can’t expect miracles at that time in the morning.

Two hearts

That’s what they look like both together. It’s size 80 thread, and so it actually makes quite a dense heart when the sizes are halved. And just to provide you with an odd photo finish, this is how big it is really:

Heart finger tip

Fits on the end of your finger. I’m not 100% sure what to do with them now, if I gave them to my other half I think he’d think I’d lost my mind. But I really enjoyed making them, and so if you’re a tatter and haven’t tried this pattern yet, give it a go.

11 thoughts on “A half hearted Li’l Heart (from Birgit Phelps’ pattern)

  1. How you manage to do such teeny, tiny, delicate things on a moving train in a morning I will never fathom. How about doing something Mothers Day related with them?

    • I have a lot of time to practise! Hmm, I did wonder about sending them to my mum. I knew I should’ve bought some blank cards at that thing I went to the other week. Could’ve made a card… Might see what I can dig out online.

  2. Those are gorgeous!

    Spurred on by your example, I did finish my first motif, but it contained myriad errors so I immediately started again (resolving to count this time and look at the pattern before closing rings) and I’m almost finished with that one.

    I promise a show and tell when I’m done!

    • Oh, snap! To be honest, I got all cocky with the first one I made and thought I’d memorised the pattern, only to look down and realise I’d done it wrong. So you’re in good company 🙂
      I’m very excited to see yours! (I would offer you one of mine, but I think the last thing you need right now is *more* stuff. If I’m wrong, let me know)

      • Aw, thanks for the offer…but you’re right, I’d only create a complicated project to use it in which would never get finished so I will admire it from afar!

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