Speedy tatted snowflakes

tatted ring

I know everyone says this every single year, but really… Where does December go? It’s there one minute and a minute later it’s the last Christmas post and too late to make anything! Every year I plan to make snowflakes to send and it’s always stressful as I leave it so late. I did manage to send out three – which I didn’t have time to photograph (two were Jon Yusoff‘s patterns). The extra one above I finished this morning.

I think I said this last year; that I would make a surplus of snowflakes over Christmas and save them to send *next* year. I might actually do that. We shall see. That said, I’m still trying to knit that baby blanket. It’s grown a little bit since I last posted, but not really enough to write home about. It’s going to be my Christmas/New year project — I should be able to work on it and chat at the same time. I hope so anyway.

So this is just a speedy post as I wont get a chance to post again before Christmas. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the lovely comments and likes of the last year – it’s so nice to know people are out there! Thank you for your encouragement.

Hope whatever your religion you get a chance to rest and relax a bit, and if rest isn’t on the cards, then I hope you get to enjoy some family time (which I think we all know is rarely restful!) Happy holidays.




7 thoughts on “Speedy tatted snowflakes

  1. Happy Holidays! Maybe part of the holiday season is understanding that our intentions are always greater than our abilities, and if they weren’t we’d be in trouble!

  2. They may be speedily tatted snowflakes but they’re still super beautiful and delicate.

    Good luck with the baby blanket. Hope you win the fight and it proves to be a suitable Christmas chatty project 🙂

  3. Stunning teeny snowflakes! I’ve been struggling with too much to do and no time to do it. But now term has finished so I can at least catch up with the mountain of emails!! Have a very Merry Christmas with oodles of tatting/knitting time. X

  4. December! This year, I am not even sure where November went! In my mind I am still somewhere towards the end of October… Happy holidays!

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