Rabbit round-up (and elephants too)

Well, here we are, back again in an Autumnal England. The colours are beautiful and it’s freezing cold! I left Athens one week and one day ago and I’ve had a raging cold ever since. Hopefully that will go in the next few days, as I think tissue demand is higher supply and if this continues, the end won’t be pretty.

Athens was a brilliant adventure. Hard work, but amazing to be able to live another life for a while. I was only supposed to go for three months, but decided to stay for eight. We travelled around when we could (which wasn’t quite as much as I’d’ve liked), and explored the Peloponnese, Crete, Deplhi and finally the Metéora. The Metérora monasteries might be one of my favourite places to explore. Breathtakingly beautiful. The weather was a little crazy when we were there (we literally had our head in the clouds at times) but it was magical none-the-less. This photo, taken on an iPhone, doesn’t really do it justice, but I’ll share anyway…


I also had a lot of time to myself in Athens. The Mister is a freelancer and so was sometimes able to visit for a few weeks, an other times he had to head back home (or to Germany where his work sometimes takes him). Before I went I took my first steps into trying out the patterns by Little Cotton Rabbits. Actually they’re the perfect thing to take away… I ended up making rather a lot.


This is an in-progress shot, taken on the mustardy-coloured leather sofa in the front room in Athens and these two are the end result, taken on our pink window sill:


The one on the left should be going to a new home later this week. The one on the right was gifted to my mum on a quick visit back in the summer.


This little lady had three different dresses, before finally settling back with the first one. After the addition of a cardigan it seemed the original suited her best after all, and she’s also gone to a new home.


This one (mentioned in my previous post) was just a head for quite some time. She has a piebald patch, made with intarsia. Its not the neatest knitting, but she’s got such a kind face when you see her in real life it seemed a bit mean not to give her a body! As she’s not the neatest bunny she’s staying with me for a while, until I can find someone who loves her just as she is, imperfections and all.


This little fella is exactly that. Little. I made him on 2.75 needles, rather than 3 and it made quite a difference somehow. He’s really compact and petite! I like him a lot, and he is waiting to be gifted to a gentleman at xmas. I think his jumper is the neatest I’ve ever made. I sort of made him as I wanted to make a brown elephant, rather than a grey one and actually I think the colour works quite nicely.

And talking of colour…


This wee chap is also made on 2.75 needles as a bit of an experiment. I did actually buy this colour with the idea of making a blue bunny or elephant but thought that despite the yarn being technically the same size as the brown, it felt a lot thicker. In the end I decided to try it anyway and I like it. I know the jumper doesn’t suit him, I’ll make him a cream one I think, but I think blue is a good colour for a bunny!


And talking of the jumper, I really enjoyed making this! It’s another Little Cotton Rabbits pattern. This is my first real venture in to cable knitting and I have a feeling that I like cables more than colour work. I’m going to make another one to test that theory but I think this is more successful than my colour work so far… time will tell. (I get really annoyed by the tightness of colour work, no matter how hard I try to keep it loose.)


I think this could be the colour work I’m suited to best! It’s for a tiny xmas stocking—rather embarrassingly it’s yet another pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits, but this one is free. You see, once you have the yarn and the needles, you can make all kinds of things…


This elephant was made as knitting therapy before I went and kept me company throughout. I love her to bits actually.

Now I’m back I have one more bunny to make, and then I’ll try moving on to something new. Maybe finally a human-sized jumper or something? I’ve loved making these though, they’ve been everything I needed. Complex enough, relaxing enough and delightful enough. They’ve kept me interested and motivated and given my head a little space when I needed it most. There’s a lot to be said for knitting as therapy so thank you to my Nan for teaching my Mum, and my Mum for teaching me (even though she’d rather be doing embroidery herself ;o)








10 thoughts on “Rabbit round-up (and elephants too)

  1. Is there a collective noun for knitted critters? They’re all lovely. And I’m a big fan of the cake knit jumper. Tho I do agree that it might not be quite the right colour for a blue bunny…

    Lovely work as ever!

  2. just found your blog, when searching for stuff related to cotton rabbits, as I just found the little cotton rabbits blog too. Have already knitted 2 monkeys and have started on a cat, this time using the DMC cotton Julie recommends, which does give a much neater finish than wool and the DMC colour palette is amazing, although is a bit more fiddly to work with. Your little woolly menagerie are really well made; the making up and stuffing part is the most difficult I think – can be hard to get them looking cute. I started knitting toys years ago using Jean Greenhowe patterns from books, then found brilliant patterns via the internet. Do you know Mary Jane’s Tearoom too? Been reading through all your posts. Love it when you keep saying your fingers are falling off 🙂 The rabbit head that needed a body in this post made me laugh too 🙂 I tried knitting ‘human sized’ clothes years ago but gave up as found toy knitting much more interesting, plus you feel like you’ve made yourself a little friend! (sorry for the L-O-N-G comment)

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing about making a monkey for ages! I keep thinking it’s stupid to make yet another animal, but they are very cute. Great smiles 🙂 And yes, finishing drives me a little crazy actually. Still can’t get the legs as perfect as I’d like. (Hence no photos 😉 ) And yes I do know Mary Jane’s tea room – I favourited the winter mice on Ravelry just the other day. Very nice to know I’m not alone!

      • you’re definitely not alone 🙂 I just made the monkeys for one of my sons (25 years old but loves toy monkeys) and his girlfriend, but I’m going to give all her animals a go, whether I give them away or not. It’s never stupid to do something that feels worthwhile, like you say it’s good therapy in difficult times. I always find faces are the most difficult, to get just the right expression that doesn’t veer on being something from a horror movie 🙂 I’m full of admiration that you handle such a hectic working life, especially the massively long commute you talk about in previous posts and all that travelling abroad – I count the weekly shop as a sort of major expedition! Thanks for replying 🙂

      • Faces ARE tricky! And can make or break all that work. My first monkey (crocheted) was really badly made, but kind of saved as I managed to give him a nice smile. In one of my previous posts I couldn’t get my elephants eyes right and it took forever. I kind of thought she was ruined as she was just a bit odd. (Since worked out if you use pins with big heads you can position and reposition them to test things out). But when it goes right, you definitely know. Half the reason I have different coloured noses on rabbits is so I know where to sew. (And don’t worry I also count the weekly shop as a major expedition. Once I am home, I kinda like to stay there 😉 )

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