Very occasionally crafting


Wow. I didn’t expect it to be April before I got around to posting here. I also didn’t expect to have so little to show! Looking back at the very few photos I’ve taken, this wee elephant got her face on 4th January, and then her trousers on the 18th. I finished her jumper on 12th April, and gifted her on 13th. So it’s been quite slow in terms of making anything around here.

I made her for my Physio. (I have a bad back, my Physio is amazing. She got me from not being able to stand to actually walking when I slipped 2 discs at the same time a few years ago.) I almost didn’t hand her over, because while my Physio is wonderful she’s also kinda no-nonsense. I thought she might think it was a bit weird — although we had been discussing knitting previously. But then I thought, well, she has a niece, she could always regift.

Anyway. I’m so glad I did. She was so pleased – and hilariously said she wasn’t even going to show her niece incase she wanted the the elephant for herself!

So that was lovely. And her happiness made my week. (It didn’t make her go easy on my back though. Goddamn that woman has fingers of steel.)

So anyway, work has rather taken over. By the time I’ve had a free evening or Saturday I’ve either been too tired, or there’s been something else that needed dealing with. I’m really hoping that this will calm down soon.

The plan now is also to try and make time for myself. Although I said that a week ago and there’s been no luck so far. Next week I’m travelling for work, so it’s out then too. But sometime soon.

So fingers crossed. Now I’ve posted hopefully I’ll be back soon with something more than backache to show for myself!

One thought on “Very occasionally crafting

  1. My husband has ankylosing spondylitis, a really horrid degenerative inflammatory arthritis. I know your slipped discs are not in that category (but probably feel like it.) I sympathise fully when it comes to painful backs (or painful anything.) My husband endured 5 years of excruciating pain in his back, and everywhere else, before going on a ‘wonder’ drug 9 years ago which saved his life – well quality of life, which is the same thing. Now he’s virtually pain free and running around all over the place. He thinks of it as miraculous and it is. Science is my God. Unfortunately physio was never very successful for him as his disease is systemic and didn’t respond to exercises etc but he does do hydrotherapy once a year.

    Completely understand that awkward feeling of giving any kind of medic a gift. I gave our family doctor gifts once or twice over the years and each time it felt like making an unworthy offering to the gods or something!

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