Keeping busy

I can’t help but think people with hobbies are the lucky ones. People who can get absorbed in something they love for hours at a time, figuring out how something works, how to get something right, or just building up to a steady rhythm. Doesn’t matter what the hobby is, if you can do it in your own home and you have the equipment, you’re one of the lucky ones.

I took up crafting again as an adult for various reasons. But I kept it up for my mental health. In the past my partner travelled for work a lot, so I’d go for weekends, half a week, or a week or two without seeing people outside of work. Not talking to anyone from a Friday night to a Monday morning. Crafting, making things, helped give a rhythm or focus to what sometimes felt like a never-ending stretch of time.

And despite the fact that he stopped travelling a few years back (right around the time I started – although I too have now stopped) I’ve kept the crafting up, more or less. I like having a focus outside of work. I like starting things and finishing them. I still think the daily grind of an office job provides very little satisfaction when it comes to finishing things. Making stuff of your own helps with that.

Even if the things you’re making aren’t that useful… I haven’t tatted anything in ages, but I made this at the weekend:


I enjoyed it, although the mistakes are a bit annoying. I really love the rhythm of shuttle tatting. Such a nice motion. I got a bit obsessed with the brilliant tatters on instagram for a while – they’re all very good, and so much more talented than I am. But at the end of the day, this is a job for a lot of them. It’s not a job for me. There’s no harm in settling down in a cup of tea and following someone else’s pattern. What I want isn’t to be the best ever pattern designer, it’s just to feel the motion of the thread and the shuttle in my hands. I’m still amazed I can make something like this at all. And all just from a ball of thread and some knots! Amazing.

And there’s still knitting. This one still needs the rest of her outfit. She has a really sweet face that I’ve not managed to capture in this photo, but I’m really pleased with her actually. And I like her white ear.


While I was making her some trousers I made another pair too. I have other animals to make as gifts, so I thought I’d go into batch production mode.


The kitchen table is a mess. That’s 4 pairs of arms, one body, one finished foot and one foot in progress on the needles. For some reason I thought making multiples of each body part would be a good idea. I’m not sure if it was or not. Jury’s out. I think I need to make 2 rabbits, but then I had the idea that I’d like to make a silver fawn. Felt like the grey and the white together would look nice. We’ll see.

I’m still looking for the perfect shawl pattern. I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying wearing the shawl I made. I’d still like it to be a faction bigger, but now it’s been worn a bit it’s loosening and softening up nicely. I like this cowl – it looks like a decent kind of length, but I’m not sure about colourwork in the round. I’m half tempted to just try it with some stash yarn for a few rows and see how annoying I find it. I like this patterned cowl too – literally that one, I think the colours are great. But again, I’m still not sure how up for that much colourwork I am… We’ll see.

What are you making? Whether you’re super productive or super unproductive I hope you’re finding a rhythm that suits you. Stay safe and well.



9 thoughts on “Keeping busy

  1. Very well said about crafting! Hopefully it will keep many busy over these different times.
    Love your tatted piece. Is the pattern available?
    Thank you for your “occasional” blog. I do enjoy reading it!
    Best wishes

    • Thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate that. And hope that your own hobbies are keeping you busy 🙂
      The pattern is actually from a Japanese book, which I got from this shop on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/pomadour24?search_query=tatting
      I can’t actually see it listed there any more, but the ISBN is: ISBN 978-4-529-04967-2
      All the Japanese tatting books are so beautifully photographed, and even if you can’t read the text, the patterns are drawn out clearly and numbered, so they’re easy to follow. I think this is the only pattern I’ve made from the book – but It’s actually just really nice to flick through.

  2. Yes, I’ve always loved crafting. I’ve always done crochet but never knitting so couple winters ago tacked the knitting, but still only doing minimal. Your bunny is adorable. I’ve never done tatting. That looks amazing. Happy Week. 🙂

    • Hello! I used to crochet too – it took me a long time to get up the courage to knit anything. I’ve still yet to tackle a sweater or anything really useful. Your scarf is amazing though, I was expecting something much simpler, but the cables look great! And a happy week back to you too 🙂

  3. Ha! Good to “read” you again and as ever I am in awe of your tatting skills. Don’t think my eyes would cope with it now!! I am thoroughly enjoying all this time for craft…. If I’m not careful I will make too many plans and not be able to complete them all because I will have to return to work at some point!!

    • Ah, thanks! Yeah – I’m totally doing all the small stuff now, I’m well aware my eyesight won’t last forever! (To be honest I’m pretty much at the ‘blinking at it, holding it a bit closer then a bit further away’ stage now, but don’t tell anyone…) Lovely to see you too!

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