Ducking about

I’ve been wondering about Claire Garland’s patterns for ages. For a long time she wrote patterns for more realistic animal knits, like this bunny. But, I’m a lazy knitter and the patterns always looked a bit tricky for me – also, what would I do with the finished article? (What do I do with anything I knit though, aside from foist it on people?) Anyway.

You may have seen Claire’s work more recently, because she made a frog pattern, which India Crawford then knitted and used in a stop-frame animation, which she posted on Instagram. Suddenly Instagram was awash with actually rather lovely knitted froggies. (And the animations are brilliant).

So, while everyone was knitting frogs, I thought it was finally time to knit the lucky ducking.

Little knitted duck

Saints alive, it’s a cute pattern! Look at it!

Full disclosure though, this one was without feet for about 2 weeks. I just wasn’t keen – they didn’t look as neat as they should.

Here is the duck when it was literally footloose, but probably not fancy free ^.

I shouldn’t take photos when the light is terrible – not sure where the focus is here, but never mind. It’s knitted in sock yarn, on 2.75mm needles. I also stitched the eyes, because although I do have safety eyes the head is so small the stems on the eyes would bash into each other. So I might buy some beads to use and knit another one. I think a bit of reflection in a black beady eye would be nice.

It’s a quick knit, if you don’t dither about over the feet. There’s a bunch of ‘wrap and turns’ which I’d not done before, but overall, it’s not hard, and it’s explained clearly. This one fits in the palm of my hand.

I’m still working on the shawl in the background, and I’m still not that sure about it. But never mind. Also I’m making a pair of socks, in Felici which…

I mean, look at that! Honestly. Put some effort in. I chopped it out, and rejoined the colour in the right place. I’m not in love with this colour combo, but I do like Felici sock yarn when it’s knitted up (soft, machine washable, hardwearing). So when the yarn is on offer, I buy the least worst combinations. Anyway. There you have it.

Hope you had a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “Ducking about

  1. I’ve also looked at those ‘realistic’ animal patterns on Etsy. The thought of attempting one terrified me and I thought a few of them looked somehow spooky in their realism (you know, a bit like dead stuffed animals!) but your duckling is SO CUTE. Your yarn choice helps too I think. I also loved your elephant in your previous post. I also ‘foist’ my knitted productions on to other people (family) but I’d definitely keep the duck. Am currently knitting a jumper for my granddaughter; first time knitting clothes, deciphering the pattern is like trying to get through an obstacle course.

    • Yeah, some of them are a bit spooky actually! But I do like this one. I wasn’t sure if it would work so I used the fluffiest but easiest yarn I had to hand, but I might make one with a strand of mohair now I know it won’t be wasted, to make it fluffier. Also yes, I think I’ll keep this one!
      Good luck with the jumper. I knitted a baby cardigan once, so I feel your pain. I keep thinking I’ll progress to a jumper for me, but… hasn’t happened yet.

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