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I’ve only just developed a shuttle obsession. The internet is to blame of course, because I’ve only ever seen about 2 shops with shuttles in the UK, and usually they’re the Clover ones with a pick on the end, or the Pony ones with a hook. On the internet there are loads. Vintage, modern, plastic, […]

I’ve got back into the swing of commuter-tatting this week, but the light here’s not been great, so no photos of that as yet. You may or may not’ve noticed that there’s a link at the top of the page now to tatting patterns and tutorials. I usually use the bookmarking site delicious to save […]

This is a little bit for me, and a little bit for you. Some links on cluny’s that might be handy (in no particular order) • a good photo tutorial • a nice post on using a stitch marker to help close the cluny • the video that helped me finally ‘get it’ • a […]

It’s a busy (and rather long) week. I flew to the USA from the UK last weekend for a conference, and it was a long flight. Eight hours or so to Chicago, with no in-flight entertainment. Luckily, I’d already thought to take my own: This is actually my second go at this pattern, by Mary […]