Hearts and clunys

I’ve got back into the swing of commuter-tatting this week, but the light here’s not been great, so no photos of that as yet.

You may or may not’ve noticed that there’s a link at the top of the page now to tatting patterns and tutorials. I usually use the bookmarking site delicious to save my bookmarks, but there’s been chatter recently about it closing down, so I thought I’d post them here too. They’re in no way comprehensive, just things that I’ve found as I’ve needed them really. Hopefully I’ll add to them over the coming months, maybe they’ll be handy for someone else too.

While I gathered the links together, I decided it was time to tackle clunys again… I did have a bit of a go last year, in size 20 Lizbeth thread. Just as I thought I’d got the hang of it, I switched back to my normal size 80 only to find they were a bit of a disaster. (Thread kept twisting in on itself making it impossible to close them).

This time I tried size 16 finca, which I’ve had knocking about for some time..
cluny heart gre

Now, it’s in no way perfect, but I’m still rather pleased with it. The joins are wrong in the middle (temporary mind-wandering), and the leaves are in no way tidy, but hey! I’m gettin’ there. (I think?)

I still quite like the softness of the finca thread incidentally. I know it can get a bit fluffy, but it’s actually lovely to tat with.

The pattern is here, if you’d like a go. You might need a translator, but its relatively straightforward. Only thing i couldn’t seem to spot is how many cluny passes. For the record, 20 is too few, 30 seemed about right.

3 thoughts on “Hearts and clunys

  1. Yes! You are doing great with your clunies! Have you done any more? I learned clunies last year and still need to practice them some more – I have that pattern on my notebook to try, I would never have thought of making it grey, but it looks lovely!

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