Hearty crochet in different threads

Well, it turns out these hearts are quite addictive.
I’ve mentioned in the past I’m not 100% sure which thread I like to crochet with best, and so this has given me a little chance to try a few things out…

Heart stack

• At the bottom, there’s the Rowan Siena. I love the colours this comes in, they’re really vibrant and have a great sheen. I made a red heart with this too – several in fact. It’s nice thread to crochet with, big n’ chunky. A bit marshmallowy.

• Then there’s a DMC linen thread (No. 10) I bought to try out. It’s umm… really coarse I guess. Not sure what I was expecting, but not that. It’s a bit like crocheting with string. Kinda tough, and I would imagine a wee bit hard on your hands after a while.

• There’s a couple of DMC perle hearts in there too, one red and one purple. I had this thread knocking about – maybe for tatting, but at a size 8 it’s a bit thick to tat with. Actually, it crochets up really nicely – and could be my favourite of the lot

• Finally, there’s a heart in size 80 DMC – which I actually do use for tatting. This is the thinnest thread I’ve crocheted with so far, and I quite liked it. As the thread is so smooth, you can see every detail on every stitch, which could be good or bad. Less room for mistakes!

Now all I need to do is *stop* making them. I have one more gift to decorate, and then that’s it. Maybe…

Perle heart

One thought on “Hearty crochet in different threads

  1. Great thread comparison! It’s nice to see how the sizes compare when used to make the same motif (excellent photo!) – and the opinions on how the threads feel to work with are helpful, too.

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