It’s a wrap!



finished wrapFinished at last! I blocked this last night (no photos, sadly) but it took up two bath towels and most of the front room. I think I could’ve stretched it a bit further when I blocked it, but actually I like the size that it is – and the thickness. It was also my first time using blocking wires – which seemed to go ok.


It’s this pattern, if you’re wondering – and would like to see what it looks like on! If you’re thinking of making it – do! It’s not hard, and it’s not a bad TV project. As a beginner knitter I found it really satisfying. Not too challenging and looks much more complicated than it really is. It’s also a lovely thing to have at the end.



No pics of it on, as I can’t seem to find a good spot in the house to take a photo. Also, I have a day off and I look dreadful, because I know I don’t need to leave the house ;o)

I used Cascade 220 for this, based purely on what other people were using on Ravelry. It’s lovely and soft – not at all itchy. Also cosy and warm. I’d definitely use it again. Actually, I have to use it again, I have one spare skein. Was half thinking about some fingerless gloves, but I wonder if it’s too chunky for that… Will have a bit of a Ravelry session and see.

Anyway. Finished!

Umm, what on earth should I knit next?