It’s a wrap!



finished wrapFinished at last! I blocked this last night (no photos, sadly) but it took up two bath towels and most of the front room. I think I could’ve stretched it a bit further when I blocked it, but actually I like the size that it is – and the thickness. It was also my first time using blocking wires – which seemed to go ok.


It’s this pattern, if you’re wondering – and would like to see what it looks like on! If you’re thinking of making it – do! It’s not hard, and it’s not a bad TV project. As a beginner knitter I found it really satisfying. Not too challenging and looks much more complicated than it really is. It’s also a lovely thing to have at the end.



No pics of it on, as I can’t seem to find a good spot in the house to take a photo. Also, I have a day off and I look dreadful, because I know I don’t need to leave the house ;o)

I used Cascade 220 for this, based purely on what other people were using on Ravelry. It’s lovely and soft – not at all itchy. Also cosy and warm. I’d definitely use it again. Actually, I have to use it again, I have one spare skein. Was half thinking about some fingerless gloves, but I wonder if it’s too chunky for that… Will have a bit of a Ravelry session and see.

Anyway. Finished!

Umm, what on earth should I knit next?


10 thoughts on “It’s a wrap!

  1. So what dimensions did you end up with (if you’re not going to model it I’m not going to know the scale am I :-))? It looks lovely, and warm (is it?) and really, really neat. I like things that look more complicated than they are – that is the right way round. I abandoned a project a short while ago because it was more complicated than it looked and that just wasn’t very satisfying 🙂

    Looking forward to finding out what you move on to next 🙂

    Well done you!

    • 12″ wide, 65″long! Just measured it 🙂 looking at it today, it could really be blocked even more, but I think it’s fine. It is lovely and warm. I know you’re not keen on wearing wool (or did I make that up? ) but I don’t find this itchy. And thank you!

      • Ooh, it is lovely and long then.

        And, you didn’t make it up, me and wool are having a bit of a disagreement at the moment. I’m trying to work out what I have problems with and what I don’t – I’m currently wearing a roll neck lambswool jumper which is lovely and really warm and soft to the touch but is itchy on my neck somehow. Grr!

        So, next stop wrist warmers then?

  2. it’s gorgeous and a must have for any winter wardrobe this year (good timing for this cold snap too). If you have spare wool, make wrist warmers (much quicker than fingerless gloves), I find them much more useful than fingerless gloves and they look fabulous.

    Well done, it is really lovely!!

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