Race against the dark

photoshopped photo

It’s almost dark, so I had to race to take these photos – and I must admit, I’m not quite ready! That one above is a massive cheat in Photoshop, but hey, it looks pretty at least! It’s a little piece of test tatting I’ve squeezed in this week on the occasions when I’ve managed to get a seat on the train. Not sure what’s up these days, but seats are becoming a bit less frequent.

super nice

Look at these! A huge treat and such a kind donation from  lovely Katy at Creating Misericordia. They arrived in the post last week, so I got home at the end of a very long day at work to find them waiting for me. Instant smiles! I’m not 100% sure what sizes they translate to, but I’d say perhaps maybe 50? They’re not as thin as 80, but not as thick as 40, so I think something like 50 or 60. Anyway, super nice, and I love the more beige-y colours with the ecru…


This is a bit more of a realistic shot – I quite like the very subtle mix of the two colours together. This is a doodly pattern, but so enjoyable to do. I’ve started adding picots to every flower petal, which makes it more flexible to make up a pattern as you go along. Without them you get to the point where you quite fancy adding a join but have nothing to join to. As always, I could actually *plan* this, but… where’s the fun in that?! Hmm. I think  I might actually plan the next one… perhaps. Thank you so much Katy, a donation very much appreciated 🙂

autumnAll the hard work on this is done – had it not been about to get dark, there’d be a shot of it finished. I just need to stuff it and sew up the side. It would also benefit from an iron too. For this one, I stitched three sized of the square and then sewed on the tatting. Much better idea on slightly larger pieces as there’s more chance of getting the tatting centred. It’s a bit fiddly stitching the tatting on, but I am pleased with the way this has turned out. I worked really hard to get it looking as neat as possible, and I think it’s paid off. (This is a very close up shot – it wont be this wrinkly by the end! It’s Valdani thread incidentally – slightly smaller than 80 but not as thin as 100. I went off it for a while and have no idea why. I love it on linen.)


I’m still knitting every chance I get, too. This is the wrap – don’t worry, blocking will fix the edges. I bought some blocking wires in preparation and I’m so desperate to get this finished! It’s been really cold at work, and if nothing else, I just want to wear it. This is a rubbish photo, but it does look nice is real life. A great pattern – and really good for beginners. It looks quite complicated, so you get all the satisfaction of that, but it’s just knitting and purling. I’ve got about 74 rows left… The plus about this is that it’s not too bad as a TV pattern, if you’re careful. (That said, I’ve unpicked a few rows!)

All this aside, other big news is that I changed the blade on my rotary cutter. Have you got a rotary cutter? When did you last change the blade? SERIOUSLY. It’s like the fabric just jumps up and cuts itself. Why did I leave it so long? Two things in life you probably shouldn’t skimp on. A taxi late at night and a new blade on yer knife. (Especially when it’s only £3.00).

Have a good week!

14 thoughts on “Race against the dark

  1. Glad to hear the blade worked 🙂 The wrap is looking amazing too. Looking forward to seeing it in a finished state – although probably not as much as you!

      • Incidentally, the hard work on the lavender bag did pay off. It is beautiful. The photos, lovely as they are, just don’t do it justice. The fineness and detail is truly astounding. You are so talented.

        And yes, I have just spent 5 minutes with my little lavender bag in front of my laptop screen lining up the variegated colours and determining that it is this one. 🙂

      • Aww, yep, that ones yours 🙂 I thought I’d be safe to post it, as i’d made one before! I stuffed this one with two pieces of batting (quilting stuffing) which is a new thing for me. Suddenly dawned on me that it would be smoother and neater than toy stuffing. I like to add stuffing in there so it’s not too crunchy with the lavender. Also, this was the first one with tatting on both sides 🙂

  2. I just love your tatting, so beautiful. The knitting is lovely too (I adore grey).

    Your lovely gift just gave me an idea…….I have tatting thread from my mum’s friend. Message me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/tinyinc/138457129396 with your details and you can have them. It’d be a lovely thing to see them made into something as they are just sitting in my sewing box waiting to be loved by someone with the right talents (you!!).


  3. Your tatting works are very pretty and delicate. I also like how the different textures in the wrap make it more interesting. Hope to see it finished soon 🙂

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