Things to learn in the new year

I’m still working out what it is I like doing best, or what I’m actually best at (which might end up being two different things).

So far I’ve done

• a bit of counted threadwork: a tapestry cushion, which turned out really nicely actually, although being sewing machine phobic, my mother did have to help me turn it into a cushion, and ‘tsk tsk’ed at the messy back. (You wouldn’t believe I’m a grown up, would you…) The only problem with needlework like this is that I feel I should design it too – and that holds me up – and before you know it, I’ve procrastinated the year away.

• amigurumi crochet: which I’ve really enjoyed, although I seem to be a lot better at my own patterns than other peoples, hence all the monkeys!

• lace crochet: which I’ve only done a bit of, but enjoyed so far

• tatting: which I’ve done a fair bit of this year and also enjoyed.

After textiledreamer‘s comment pointing me in the direction of her fantastic needlepoint lace tutorial, I think I’d like to try that… And I’d also like to figure out felting. I’ve seen a lot of felted stuff about, and while I find felted bags a bit of a weird texture (for me), I *love* these bears, by Em, on Etsy:

Felted bear

This is actually a brooch, so he’s really tiny – could he be any cuter? I’m not sure how the bear was made before it was felted, but as I say, I’d like to take a look at felting in the new year too.
Maybe at some point I should also conquer my sewing machine fear. I’ve seen classes for beginners around… so you never know.

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