Things I meant to make: bunting

I really meant to make some bunting to give as a gift for Christmas. As it happened I was pipped to the post (in the nick of time) as someone else let on that they’d made some for the exact same person I was going to make some for. So I stopped before I’d even started. I’d still like to make some though – maybe just for me, we shall see.

I was thinking of crocheting it, mainly as that’s the thing I find the easiest, but there’s a stack of different types of garlands, flags and bunting out there. These are a few of my favourite pictures from Flickr:

Fabric Flags:
Classic and colourful fabric flags, by Crafty Intentions

And a pretty scalloped garland, by sweetjessie

Cute crochet ‘granny triangles’ by Loving The Vintage

Crocheted stars, also by Loving The Vintage

More of a mini banner, than bunting, but I love the colours in this photo, by jek in the box, and the size of disks…

…and I love these playing card garlands by Emma Lamb (that link has a great little tutorial if you like these too):


(And if you like these but don’t want to make them, Wren Handmade often sell them too from lovely recycled papers.)

Oh, and there’s also a nice pattern here for crocheted hearts, which I’ve been thinking of making too. All I really need is to become fantastically rich and give up work, to give me the time to get started!

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