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I’ve got some time to myself today, so this is a speedy post. I’ve travelled a bit for work over the past few weeks (one train journey alone was 5.5hours) so I’ve had a bit of time to tat. I’ve been getting to grips with layered tatting (often called ANKARS, I think) and using the […]

Odds n’ ends


Hello! I’ve had a few days off, weekends away, and various house guests, which is why I’ve been a bit quiet recently. I have been tatting a tiny bit, although not as much as I’d like – mainly as I can’t always get a seat on the train, which is where I usually tat. Spare […]

I really meant to make some bunting to give as a gift for Christmas. As it happened I was pipped to the post (in the nick of time) as someone else let on that they’d made some for the exact same person I was going to make some for. So I stopped before I’d even […]