Stealing the sunshine

autumn tatting

I’ve got some time to myself today, so this is a speedy post. I’ve travelled a bit for work over the past few weeks (one train journey alone was 5.5hours) so I’ve had a bit of time to tat. I’ve been getting to grips with layered tatting (often called ANKARS, I think) and using the tiny beads I bought. This is made with coppery beads and one of my favourite variegated threads in size 80, bought from Yarnplayer. I love how autumnal these colours are. I must admit, it feels like work stole the summer, so I’m looking forward to autumn.

sunshine on tattingThis is a test tat. I found a Tina Frauberger vintage pattern and I’ve been trying to work out the stitch count. Basically the book is in German – and I didn’t have it with me on my travels, so I guessed what I could. It’s not bad. Having the image in front of me will help get it right though! The sun was starting to come out as I took this shot.

pink tatting in the sun

And the sun made it out for this one! Same pattern as the one above – also in size 80. Its interesting actually, the hand dyed thread is much more sturdy than this one, not sure why. I don’t know if it’s the same thread (DMC special dentelles) , and the dying makes it stiffer, or a different basic thread to begin with? Either way, I quite like the difference. I wish the regular undyed thread was a little stiffer.

Same motif tatted in different stitch counts

I decided to make the same motif in a different size. I have half a mind to tat another and then join them to make a necklace… except that I don’t wear pink, or necklaces. We shall see.

size of size 80 tatting thread

Here’s an idea of the size of the smaller one. I see a lot of tatted earrings about at the moment, and I know they’re done in thicker thread. I can only assume that they’re stiffer, but HUGE.

Anyway. On with the day! I’m off to try and make the most of it, for once 🙂


7 thoughts on “Stealing the sunshine

  1. “except that I don’t wear pink, or necklaces”

    Ha! Made me chuckle. Lovely work as ever. Like the beads. They seem to work really nicely. A good size match.

  2. The autumnal one is gorgeous! I’m embroidering with steel beads at the moment and I’m really loving the nakedness of just having an undyed/coloured bead. I’ve just developed a similar crush on those copper beads!

  3. The layered motifs are really interesting – it looks like it would be fun to play with them. Tatting on trains is the best! I wish I could take trains more often.

  4. Wow, tatting with size 80! That’s a challenge. I’ve only tatted with 10 and 20 (all that’s available here). I love the layered pieces you did. I’d really like to learn that technique! 🙂

    • Hello – you’ll get used to thinner thread 🙂 when I started it was all I could find, so I didn’t realise people used thicker thread. The layered tatting is called ‘ANKARS’ (usually written all in caps). There are a few tutorials around, if you google for them. Your tatting is coming along really well – keep going!

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