Odds n’ ends


Hello! I’ve had a few days off, weekends away, and various house guests, which is why I’ve been a bit quiet recently. I have been tatting a tiny bit, although not as much as I’d like – mainly as I can’t always get a seat on the train, which is where I usually tat. Spare evenings are still taken up with The Knitted Scarf, which is coming along nicely. (Although not without a fair bit of unpicking, whilst trying to watch Alien in the dark. Unpicking knitting is quite frustrating, isn’t it? Not so with crochet.)

Above is the trusty Stormtrooper, engaged in a bit of a scrap with some train end-of-shuttle doodles. I do like these daisy chains…

daisy chain

These are size 80 thread… I’ve not really decided what to do with them yet.


They’re not that big. Perhaps the right size for a bracelet or a necklace, but a bit delicate. I’ll stitch them on to something, I think. Not sure what yet, but it would be nice to use them for something.

piggy post

This little piggy is currently in transit. He lived on the shelf for a little while, and then decided it was time to head out. I love making things for people – but I just can’t make them to order! Ages ago, after a lot of not-so-subtle hints, I made my friend and elephant. Her mum and I were with her when she opened it, and her mum really seemed to love it. I always meant to make her one too, and then time wore on and I forgot. As I was wondering what should become of the pig, it dawned on me that maybe she would like it, so off he popped in the post. Hopefully she’ll get it next week. It’s always a bit tricky as they’re not *that* sturdy, so they’re not really toys for very little kids. They’re shelf dwellers really, but they do like to be loved. I hope she likes him.

In other news, I went to Yorkshire for a few days which was lovely. I had a brilliant time (seaside, countryside, cream teas and brilliant company!). We went to Nunnington Hall, and spotted this lovely crewel work:


There were three panels, all quite large and they were beautifully done. They had chunky stitching and felt quite free-form, although they were carefully planned out with lighter stitches before they were filled in. I loved the feel of them though (visual – I didn’t touch them!) As I’ve said before, I’m not a needle worker, but I would potentially make an exception for something like this… Like I need another hobby!

14 thoughts on “Odds n’ ends

  1. Did WordPress just eat my previous comment? If so, here it is again kind of, if not feel free to just delete this one…

    The daisy chains are indeed lovely. I can’t remember if they lie flat or not? If they do, could you cover one of the cylindrical boxes – like the one lovely little piggy is in – with linen/other appropriate fabric and stitch the daisy chains to the top/bottom?

    I’m sure the recipient of little piggy will be delighted. Who could fail to be delighted by a surprise delivery of a small crocheted animal?

    Hmm, cream teas…

    • WordPress did eat it – sorry about that. Clearly takes after me and will eat anything that hangs about for long enough!

      The chains can lie flat – and yes, using them on a box would be nice. My mum made me both of my sewing boxes (which are packed to capacity with all manner of things these days), and it could be good for that. Only thing is that she *hand stitched* them. Wah! I should take a photo actually, they’re really nice.

      • Yes, take a photo of them please. You know I love photos πŸ™‚

        My sewing box is very dull – it is just a plastic lunchbox and therefore uninspiring. I don’t think that’s why I don’t like sewing, but it probably doesn’t help πŸ™‚

        My lovely spare threads (including my lovely silk one that I’m still to work out a purpose for other than just stroking it…) are stored in a wooden document box that I saved when emptying the house.

  2. Yay, the legomen are back!
    The daisy chains are really pretty. Could they be a little edging for something linen-ey?? I’m going to have to look up where Nunnington Hall is. Can’t be so close because I haven’t heard of it but might have to go.

    • Edging could be nice actually, although it might be a bit big… But something linen-ey? Always πŸ™‚

      I didn’t realise you were oop North. It’s so beautiful round there. We stayed in Goathland, and so stopped at Nunnington on the way from York. They have a little exhibition of miniature rooms there too. They’re beautifully done – and by someone who embroidered or crafted various parts of the interiors – tiny lace, tiny tatting, knitting, crochet etc.

      It’s nice for a lazy afternoon visit.

  3. Oooh, I love the daisy chain, it’s beautiful! (if nothing else, you could write up a pattern for it) πŸ˜‰ Tattting is much harder to unpick than knitting, in my opinion – I would give my husband the ball and he would (suspiciously) gleefully unravel the whole thing from my hands! (he doesn’t like to be seen with me knitting in public, which I think explains the glee – so now I tat- ha!) ANd I’m sure your darling piggy will be much-loved at his new home. How could he not, with a cute mug like that? πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I usually just give up un tatting, unless it’s unpicking chains – I know in theory you can unpick rings, but sheesh! What a job. I try and remain calm and zen-like about it. In between the swearing, obviously. Unpicking tatting is a whole different ball game πŸ™‚

  4. the tatting is lovely and so delicate but I have such a huge soft spot for your lovely little shelf dweller. I absolutely love pigs and he is particularly endearing

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