Body of Evidence


New body!

…aaaaaaand relax. The little piggy has a brand new body, and I think we can safely say, everyone is much happier. Or at least I am. Thank you for your comments on my last post. You were right. As much as it would’ve been great for everyone to say it was fine, it wasn’t, and I felt his body really didn’t do his head justice. There’s nothing more unsatisfying than a half done pig, is there?


This was the idea, before I got started. (I sketched it in a meeting. Bad habit.) I think it wasn’t a bad likeness in the end. No belly button of course, but I do like the two wooden buttons, I think they add a bit more interest. I still love this yarn – the Simply Recycled cotton. It’s really soft and the colours are so nice and muted.


And here we are from the side…


And here’s the other side, with his tail peeking out. Phew. All done. Believe it or not, as I have more yarn, I’m tempted to make another one.

15 Responses to “Body of Evidence”

  1. 1 Patch

    He is much improved. Well done. I’m impressed.

  2. 2 janedallaway

    Yay! He looks much happier. And much more in proportion…
    And thank you for including his tail this time – very sweet indeed πŸ™‚

  3. 3 Katy

    So sweet!

  4. That is so cute! I like its little shirt.

  5. Wow! He’s cute!!! I liked him before but I do notice the difference now and he is perfect! πŸ˜€

  6. He is still incredibly cute but I do like his new body and legs and the tail is to die for!! When are you going to start selling??? I want to buy one.

    • 7 charlietwo

      Oh so much better, he looks like he was always meant to now, well done you, who ever gets him is sure to love him as much as I love mine. i love the colours too.

  7. 8 Sonja

    This little one is adorable and the proportions look soo fitting. As I am struggling with a similar one for my little niece, would you mind sharing/selling the pattern?

    • Hi Sonja, in the end it’s two patterns combined, this is the piggy head:
      And I adapted the body from this pattern – which I love:
      Hope that helps! Let me know how you get on πŸ™‚

      • 10 Sonja

        Hi, thank you for your help and answer with the two patterns. Did you keep the sizes as is from those two, especially in the body regarding the number of rows? Because I’ve tried it and the body looks somewhat strange compared to the head in my case. I really appreciate your help with this so thank you very much in advance

      • Hi again! Umm, actually I can’t remember – I might’ve changed the body size. If you make the body from the bottom, as per the pattern, you kind of have to eyeball it before you get to the colour change. If you hold it the right sort of distance from the head you can kind of guess if it’s too wide or big (you have to imagine the rest of body). Are you using the same yarn for both? It’s not that that’s making it look odd, is it?

      • 12 Sonja

        thank you so much for your help. I think I’ve figured it out sucessfully to match the body to my head. Actually your comment about using the same yarn was what made it. It was the same yarn and the same color so with a little color change in between I was able to figure out the size of it better It looks much improved now. Thank you, talking to you helped me a lot with my little problem

      • Oh, I’m so pleased! I can’t imagine that comment was much use, having read it back – I wrote it at work, and it was a bit rushed! Really glad you’ve managed to fix it though. Are you on Ravelry or Flickr? Can I see a photo?

      • 14 Sonja

        I am on Ravelry but at the moment I have only the disassembled pieces of the little one. When I have put all of it together and prettied up, I’ll post pictures and send you a link.

      • Brilliant! Thank you πŸ™‚ Good luck with the assembly.

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