Elephant racing

Things are still pretty busy on the work front, and so I’ve been getting into work earlier. This means standing with your head in someone’s armpit on the overground and the underground as they’re packed in the mornings – and this in turn means it’s not the ideal tatting scenario. (I can tatt like this – but look what happened last time!) Also I’m itching to make a few new things – and that means I need room to read a pattern, which is tricky. So, I’ve been reading where possible, or studying the finer points of other people’s ear hair. You know how it is. (Or if you’re lucky, maybe you don’t.)

An elephant's head

Ages ago I promised someone I’d make them an elephant for their birthday. They’re birthday is *next weekend* and so today I thought I really should get a move on. There’s a lot going on this week and I’ll never have time to finish it in the evenings. Why didn’t I start it ages ago? Silly me.

Anyway, I’ve made a head, arms and legs. I actually started with the arms and legs first as they’re the least exciting bit and it’s good to get them done. Also, as I’m so bad at sewing, I like to do as much as I can as I go along, to tuck the ends inside. I made the ears before I started the head too, so I could sew them as I went.

Deflated elephant

Poor wee thing. I’ll start on her body next – I might just get this done – if not sewn up – tonight. I think I’m using a different hook to last time. I have a feeling last time I used a 2.5mm and this is a 3mm – its a bit odd, as the stitches look completely different. Anyway. It’s all neat and tidy, which is a good thing, as I really worry that I’ll give things to people and they’ll be really embarrassed about how rubbish it is.

I think if i make another one, I might modify the pattern ever so slightly. I think I made a mistake on the first one – which resulted in the trunk having the tiniest upturn at the end, and it looks really nice. It would be easy to do, just need to add in maybe one decrease a couple of rows in. Having said that, I need to finish this one first, which I shall go and do now…

4 thoughts on “Elephant racing

  1. Have just found your blog and love your tatting work. I have an idea about most craft but tatting is something I have never experienced.I don’t even know what equipment you use or technique.However the finished articles look good. I have just started (restarted) crochet,and am dabbling with doillie type items,mainly from old pattern books from the 60s/70’s.I too am wondering what to do with the finished ,very attractive, but ultimatly useless lacy items. I don’t have many sideboards or dressing tables needing covering! I’m waiting,and browsing the web for inspiration to strike.What do you do with your tatting?

    • Hello Dette, thank so much for your comment.

      Tatting – if you’re curious – is done with a needle or a shuttle. I’m a shuttle tatter, for a variety of long winded reasons…

      I have a feeling there are quite a few of us out there who like making things and don’t know what to do with it. There should be a crafting self-help group somewhere for exactly this question! At the moment I don’t do a whole lot with my tatting. I try and give it away as much as I can, although I’m still learning, so I have a lot of not-so-good bits I keep to myself. I’m still thinking of a longer term project actually, but not 100% decided on what it will be.

      For you, it might depend on what it is you like about that style of crochet… is it the complex patterns (doilies tend to be complex) or is it the yarn? If it’s the patterns, you could try doing something like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vaide/3549003091/in/set-72157616537460140/
      Namolio makes beautiful throws with thick wool, but from doily patterns. They look fantastic, and they’re the kind of thing you might have on the end of a sofa, where as you wouldn’t necessarily be the ‘doily on a sideboard’ type… They’re so beautiful, I have considered making one too…

      If it’s the yarn you like (as in, you’ve made doilies because it seems most appropriate for the yarn you like using best), you could try other things… I make crochet animals as they’re easy to give away. I make bigger ones with wool when I feel in the mood, or if I fancy something more tricky, smaller ones with much thinner thread. If you fancied a challenge, take a look at these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pasubio9/
      Tiny crochet, with very thin thread – or there’s this kind of thing:
      small flowers for brooches and hair clips etc – again, maybe easier to give away.

      Are you on Ravelry? They have tons of patterns on there… might be worth a wander round to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy in terms of patterns…

      Having said all that, it sounds so easy doesn’t it? It’s not! If inspiration does strike, do let me know 🙂

  2. Thanks for the detailed reply.The doily blankets you directed me to are great.I think this is the direction I’m going to go in .I have found something similar at the same time on Flikr too.(can’t quite remeber where,it’s easy to get lost in it.).I think I’m going to do small pincushioning type things with the thin yarn ,but attempt a larger doily type throw as well.(I like them much better than the granny square blankets which I have been toying with recently.)Thanks for the direction to Namolio(?) Flikr,she has some lovely things.

    • Hello again – sorry, that was rather a mammoth reply wasn’t it? Glad you managed to wade through it all.

      Namolio’s stuff is beautiful, it’s hard not to get inspired actually. Let me know how you get on.

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