Finished elephant!

Ever get that feeling that you’re always rushing about but never seem to get anywhere? That’s me I think, at the moment. Just posting this now, as this wee lady will be with her new owner before the day is out.

Elephant profile

The photo’s aren’t great (I really hate taking photos), but I should really be wrapping her up and heading off, so they’re better than nothing! I was very pleased with the way she turned out actually, even if I do say so myself. I used a bigger hook (3mm) and the stitches are much more even than ones I’ve made before. Despite the rush she came together really well – even sewing on her head wasn’t *too* painful for either of us.

finished elephant

I really hope she’s well received… I read this great post the other day which mentions the fact that after making a gift for someone, you get so excited at the thought of giving it to them, you’re kind of unprepared for the massively underwhelmed response. I know that feeling. It’s very sad. So all you can do is make the very best thing you can, put all the love into it you can, and know that you’ve done your best job. There’s no accounting for other people sometimes…

Which actually sounds like I’m expecting total disaster – I’m not at all, but y’know. I am pleased with how nicely she’s come out though. Makes me want to make another one!

Have a great weekend.

UPDATE: she got the best response *ever*. In fact, I’m still smiling now 🙂

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