Stitchin’ and Bitchin’? Tatting & chatting.

I met up with some friends this week at the Royal Festival Hall, for a stitchy get together. There were two knitters, one embroiderer, a crocheter, and a trainee crocheter. I took my tatting, as I’ve recently finished the crochet elephant, and for some reason, taking crochet anywhere always requires too much planning… and to much pattern reading. I always end up missing an increase or decrease and confusing myself. With tatting, patterns are easier to memorise and so it’s a bit more sociable.

I’ve started the primrose path doily again. I made the middle section a few weeks back, and kept it as it was to give to someone. Since then I’ve been planning to remake it, but not quite had the chance. This time I thought I’d make life easy for myself, and make it in one colour.

Tatting and thread

This is a DMC thread, size 80, in ‘dark ecru’ and I really like it. It’s almost a muted gold colour. Looks nice.

I must admit, I never thought I would be the doily making type, but I just fancied making something a bit bigger… A bit more involved, maybe. As it goes, this is quite an easy pattern – I made two of the middle sections with friends and the other two on the train, to and from work.

Tatted casualties

There were two casualties though. I did try again with the grey Venus thread – managed to make one section and realised I’d got my rings up the wrong way! I love the colour of this thread, but it’s just terrible to tat with. It breaks far too easily and makes it very difficult to close rings. The other one I forgot to join before I closed a ring, so just carried on anyway. I guess I’ll hide the ends and use them for… y’know. Something.

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